Maya Jane Coles remixing Depeche Mode

Fresh off the road supporting the band, it looks like Maya Jane Coles is also working on a remix for Depeche Mode! Which is very exciting. No other details are known at this time, but she hinted at it on an Instagram post this week thanking the band for inviting her to tour with them.

She said, “What a pleasure it was touring with these super lovely guys. Thanks for inviting me @depechemode amaaazing show. Home time for meeeeeee. ps. DM remix coming soon”

While we have heard some rumors of other songs being remixed from Spirit, we can’t confirm which song she is remixing or if it will ever come out. She just mentioned she is making one, so we’ll have to go with that for now. It might not even be for a single, it could be for another project or a bonus mix. Time will tell, but check out here post here: