Live In Berlin released 17/11

There is a lot going on around the net about the forthcoming Delta Machine Tour DVD, but we’re only going to share what we can confirm. Both the BBFC and Anton Corbijn’s Facebook page are confirming that the “Depeche Mode: Live In Berlin” concert film will be released in The UK on 17/11. Nothing solid on other parts of the world just yet, but we trust these sources enough to go ahead and report on it here. Like any releases, these things can change. I wish I had more details to share, but the film will be directed by Anton with a whopping running time of 283m 27s. This is the only news regarding the DVD that we can safely confirm for now. More solid, trusted info is coming soon though. We do know that there was a scrapped deluxe version of Delta Machine that was going to include a DVD, so we’re hoping some of the items that were put together for that will surface on the DVD. More details soon….

Depeche Mode