'A Strange Hour In Budapest' – cinema screenings events

Cinema screening events for “A Strange Hour In Budapest” are being held in cities like Toronto, Copenhagen, Oslo,  and more. Alan will not be attending all of them, but most, if not all, have after party events planned. Some interesting questions asked an answered by Alan already. Long time forum member Jan was posting that when Al  was asked if there were other songs he considered remixing, titles like “Black Celebration”, “I Am You”, and “Barrel Of A Gun” came to mind as well as finding out that his remix for “I Want You Now” was approximately 60% finished. Apparently he managed to find some of the original samples from ’94, but ended up getting distracted by other work. He went on to comment that he may eventually come back to it in the future. If you’re a fan who loves Recoil and this kind of info, you have to go check out these events. Not to mention getting to watch the show on the big screen.

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Here is the list of all confirmed dates so far :

28.09 Budapest – Toldi Mozi (double screening)
29.09 Prague – Kino Lucerna
30.09 Bratislava – Majestic Club
11.10 Toronto – Projection Booth Metro
26.10 Berlin – Theatre Aufbau Kreuzberg (sold out)
28.10 Lodz – Kino Baltyk
03.11 Oslo – Cinemateket
03.11 Santiago – Cine Planet Costanera Center
10.11 Copenhagen – Empire Bio (double screening)

Go here for full details + ticket links : 

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  • Condemned


    Would've loved to see how he could transform Barrel of a Gun - it's great in its original form, but I wonder what other atmospheres he could've added to it. REALLY hoping he finds time to finish the IWYN remix...