VCMG – Ssss – Trailer 4

The 4th trailer to promote “Ssss” from VCMG is up and continues to be as bizarre as it is immensely fascinating as the previous trailers. It was posted up today on the Mute YouTube channel. If you’re on there, be sure to follow them for all things Mute Records. Lots of good stuff, we highly recommend! I hope these videos will have some influence on the forthcoming Depeche Mode imagery. I love the rough edge to the simplicity of them.  “Is Simplicity Best or Simply the Easiest?”….. perhaps, for me anyway. I don’t know, just something cool about it… but that’s all a matter of taste and what do I know?

Wonderful! It’s my first medical products, but they work great for me! ? Since online pharmacies have appeared a lot of opportunities appeared which have to be implemented.


If you missed it, watch it again here.