Vince Clarke remixing Behind The Wheel?

Vince Clarke has mentioned in a Tweet that he has just done some work on a remix for Behind The Wheel. The Tweet simply said, “Did some work on a DM remix (Behind The Wheel).” He seems to pretty open on sharing what he’s working on via Twitter! First letting the cat out of the bag about collaborating with Martin Gore and now a hint on a remix which just fuels the fire on the much speculated remix album for Depeche.


  • Otroscar


    MMM! Interesting!. Exactly, it fules the fire about a remix album!

  • Clint


    I wish he would leave it alone....I can't stand anything from Vince. All his music sounds like video-game tracks! Keep away Vince; go outside and play with Andy.

  • Shane P


    My DM Predictions: -DM will release a new remix album in early 2011 (see below) which features poppier/electro versions of their hits and highlights their clubbier aspects (unlike triple-disc Remixes 81-04, which served to highlight their experimentalism) -This will serve as a stopgap time-filler until the next album, which will be either a full-on reunion OR Produced by Alan Wilder. Lets see if Im right!!!!!!

  • Pat101


    Now that dm(at least. Martin)seems more open to work again with former mate Vince,i imagine them doing more of their Clarke era early stuff live. Dm's future looks bright :)

  • PK


    In the same way Mr Miller suggested Vince leave DM all those many years ago, he no doubt suggested Alan leave at the time he wanted to, knowing when the time was right a full-on reunion would ignite fresh interest in the band. The remix album will be a call to arms for the latent DM fans, spark interest from the press, laying the groundwork for what Shane P says above. BRING IT ON! :-)

  • Jeff


    Wouldn't that be a trip, Quintet with current and former band members on the next album.

  • Andy


    Am I the only one that is VERY dissapointed at how bad the Vince Clarke remix of Behind The Wheel is? And thats coming from a huge Erasure AND Depeche Mode fan!