Depeche Mode live DVD gets a tentative release date

Mute founder and all-round label guru, Daniel Miller, speaking to trade publication Music Week hinted that a live DVD from Depeche Mode, shot in Barcelona, would appear in March of next year. Miller also said the enigmatic “The Posters Came From The Walls” film might see a DVD release in 2010.



  • Manny


    hope it comes out in high def too

  • scott


    both should be released as a joint package. I cant wait but wished they had recorded one of the larger outdoor venues for dvd release

  • JRW


    Awesome.I was hoping for a stadium DVD this time though. Berlin or something.

  • Manny


    and I have to add, I hope its more like the exciter tour DVD (which is how all live performances should be filmed) and nothing like the Touring the Angel DVD (which is an example of how not to capture a live performance. Even though that was a great tour with a great set list, I cannot watch that DVD again)

  • clint smith


    I hope this DVD will be available on "Blu Ray" as well.

  • Martin


    a live performance must be capture like Touring the Angel DVD. I love that DVD!!! If you want to watch a concert without any video editing and not visuals at all then go to a real live performance. I admire the work on the DVDs like Touring the Angel, R.E.M. Live o Keane live in London DVD. It's all about ART