Beatport presents Depeche Mode remix contest is hosting a Depeche Mode remix contest for the upcoming single, “Peace”. Here’s how it works: 1) You pay $3.99 to download the parts for the song on 2) You do your remix, and submit it to the site 3) All submissions are then voted upon. The winning mix will be released on an upcoming Depeche Mode remix album on Mute. Head over to Beatport for more!


  • raphMODE


    A similar contest were made back in 2004, for the "Enjoy The Silence.04" release. Winner should have been released later : Nothing was made. No winners, no release. All in all it was just a commercial purpose for the single to be known. Shame. –

  • or300


    online here:

  • johnny


    Go dominatrix I suport You this is Your chance best of luck

  • dre7861


    Dominatrix and Island are the best fan mixers! I will vote for them and vote often :)

  • Depeche Jr.


    Kinda weird that they want you to pay THEM to remix one of their songs. It should be the other way around. Sounds "wrong" to me.

  • B


    Wrong. Pay to make a remix?

  • nick


    so i shouldnt bother making a mix to win since people are already voting multiple times for others without having heard a single track yet. lame.

  • will


    Here's mine :