“Peace” exclusively on BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 host Chris Evans presented the single mix of “Peace” today, as part of his radio show. The slightly revamped version was presented as Depeche Mode’s new single, suggesting that the second “Sounds…” single might indeed hit radios and clubs very soon. The presentation (and track) can be heard via BBC’s iPlayer if you’re in the UK. Folks outside the UK will like have to wait a bit. The single is hitting store shelves June 15th.


  • Pinju


    Oh dear. Terrible choice, might please the Erasure fans...

  • Headstar69


    I've grown to like this track alot after more plays. Hope it has some decent remixes. I think Perfect sounds more Erasure. this sounds more Yazoo!! The whole album has "A Broken Frame" sonic about it, whilst being punctuated with distorted guitars. Well done DM!!

  • Michel J


    Well - actually the whole album has an occasional "Speak and spell goes to the whorehouse" feel to it which I have to say did put me off it almost totally after the first couple of plays. Somehow Martin's usual obsessions with S&M, guilt and spirituality sounded realized much more fully in previous albums, largely because of the experimental and diverse nature of the choice of sounds, the slightly off-balance counter-melodies and - especially since SOFAD - the mix of organic and artificial sounds. This time around the pervasive focus on all analogue synths and gizmos, no matter how many of them were apparently used, give the whole thing a lightweight sense of uniformity which really lets some of the songs down compared to what they could have been : for instance the Sixtoes remix of Jezebel pushes the song so much further than the 70's-lounge-organ like feel of the album version... After a couple of days of moaning and groaning though, I find most of the songs - including Peace which does have a beautiful, very climactic melody - playing on a loop in my head. So I'm getting to after a week of having the album in the house is, beautiful songs, harnessed into inoffensive land by the back-to-analogue roots production. (I am DESPERATELY holding back the comment about how it's time for Alan to at least make some remixes, because I DO know that it will never happen - but this is the first record since he left where instead of going - "I miss him but this is still great", I find myself missing him - full stop.). Hopefully they will do as great a job as on the previous 3 tours at re-arranging the songs for live performance with exploding dynamics and heavy-duty drumming - Wrong already sounded awesome on Hollywood Blvd. Fingers crossed...

  • Michel J


    Sorry I meant "So WHERE I'm getting to after a week of having the album in the house" - the "WHERE was missing". Also - just received the vinyl edition of the album and played In Chains before going off to work : it sounds a MILLION times better than the CD, richer, fuller, more dynamic, much better crafted and accomplished. So this might be another case of butchered CD mastering - the difference between vinyl and CD on the back-catalogue remasters was big, but nowhere near that big. Same with Wrong which sounds much better, darker and stronger in its 7-inch guise than the CD single or album issues...

  • Andrew


    Peace is a complete waste. Rubbish with commercial intentions and weak lyrics.