Come Back studio session showing @


  • Malc


    Not sure about the song, but a lovely vid. Good to see Fletch doing what he does best. ;-) Man, the guys probably a multi millionaire!

  • vdog


    THAT was awesome!!! Broken down and raw. The "unofficial version" that leaked is really good and dark and this just adds a whole new element to the song. I really cant wait till the whole album/tour comes out. How cool is it that Martins backup vocals is so prevelant on a DM song that he didnt write.

  • DMU2



  • Doug


    Depeche Mode doing electronic soul! I like it. Some of the lyrics are a little shaky, but the harmonies are amazing!

  • Veneta


    Wow!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!Great song. I love it. So emotional. And this approach to the song is so interesting. And the video is sooooo cool. The guys look very sexy :P ;)

  • Phil


    It really is incredible to hear how their music is regaining it's power. I can tell this is going to be a big album with some classic songs.

  • Javier


    That song should've stayed where it belongs, in Dave's voice recorder, I don't like it. And by the way excellent lip syncing guys! I almost believed it was live in the studio...

  • John


    The album version is a lot better

  • AnyHow


    That's what we will have at Deluxe set I supporse.

  • ym2149


    Holy f*k, that was the best I've heard from them since Ultra! Had me sitting upright thoughout. Brilliant harmonies and chords.. Lyrically, well.. but I stopped caring :)

  • Snegovik Morozovich


    Fantastic! What a video! Mart is great! Dave is perfect! What a music... :) P.S.: Deluxe Box in Russia costs more than 120$((((( But I'll get it anyway.

  • Juancho


    The very beginning reminds me Flash Gordon Queen's Soundtrack really good Video Thans

  • lee m gore


    i carnt belive how mutch input fletch has! he is awsome

  • tension


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dmbreand


    beautiful, the song isnt dead after all, no matter how much the radio, mtv and stupid people try to kill it

  • NikacP0kac


    Wonderful. The lyrics are a bit different from the demo version. But really wonderful. Can't wait for the album. Hopefully I'll have enough money to buy the deluxe. Is it limited?

  • lee m gore


    its time fletch goes solo he has the ability! he should of done his own song for comic relief...

  • russian girl


    We wait for you in Russia. We shall always wait.. Come back.

  • MacroMode


    Awesome!!!!! The best thing I've seen and heard since Wrong's premiere. Love the song, very different from the demos, love Dave's and Martin's voices and love Fletch participation.

  • DanielHDR


    Cause something like THIS I´ve been telling to my friends, ... "be waiting... don´t running to fake downloads... listen the official record... It was AMAZING!" Man, this video makes me wanna have this album in my hands ASAP!!! Awesome!

  • J


    So do you suppose this version is more in line than the trash version you can listen to on the web? I hope so...

  • Mark


    So much better than the Demo floating around.... So freakin much better.... If it turns out that all the songs we've already heard are just crap demos and the album actually sounds more like this i'll be so thrilled

  • tyer


    some one please explain what fletch does for the band?

  • KeenMan


    he records with his camera the studio sessions... LOL, probably one of the best jobs in the world.

  • Edward


    Fucking Amazing!

  • Ivan B


    Martin is amazing. I love him.

  • Edward


    Wow everyone..every time I listen to Wrong I have to listen at least 4 it's Comeback...How do the boys do it? We have been so blessed to have experienced Depeche MOde in our lives!!

  • Ivan B


    I'm f* crying bowwwwwowowo

  • memoryboy2009


    Beautiful. Had me wiping my eyes. I knew all the whining and complaining from "so-called" Depeche Mode fans would be proven wrong. This will be yet another fantastic album by Depeche Mode, as they all are excellent. Best band in the world.

  • sunnimode



  • Modefan


    KEENMAN, i'm waiting for your usual - "this isn't as good as Violator comment." Please proceed . . .

  • iBierce


    It's so cute when Fletch pretends to play the keyboard. The truth is, in keeping DM together, he is as important to the band as Dave and Martin, but whenever I see him concentrating at a synth I have to snigger a bit. This song is exceedingly soggy and mediocre, six and a half minutes and no change, no variation in arrangement but...I say this as someone who loves DM past and present and will buy this album and however many more they make...

  • brend


    great great GREAT!...:] i love this!!!....and also i love this fantastic "duos" they are ALL amazing!!...hope they would be in méxico!!! ;]...and i'm pretty sure they will DO IT AGAIN!!

  • Andrew


    Wow, really impressed by this. I actually like how it doesn't sound like a lot of other DM, in fact it reminds me a little bit of Tears For Fears but that edgy synth underneath the piano is what really makes it for me. The "come back" chorus seemed kind of trite in the other version, but here it just kind of flows with the rest of the lyrics instead of being a focal point. Really great stuff - I can't wait for the album!

  • favorite slave


    Beautiful song. Fresh. Intelligent. Love it.

  • Rob P


    As I've just posted on the official forum, what we'll hear on the album will almost certainly be much more electronic than this, as was the case with the Hourglass studio sessions. Whether it will be close to the 'leak', who knows. The lyrics are different - and now we hear Martin's backing vocals - so I suspect both they and the song will be somewhat different to what we've heard.



    It's no good. Surprised it made it onto the album. Hopefully there are more songs like "Wrong" and fewer songs like "Come back".

  • José Luís Nunes


    Probably the best songs I have heard of DM until now, great sound, perfect voice, the samples of the new album seems to me the best ever, I hope you in Portugal!!! on next July and probably in Spain too

  • Marylin


    It's very like Hourglass. The meldody is exactly like almost all Hourglass-songs. You await Dave starts to sing "I don't believe in miracles" the next minute. And it's very, very simple. Like all songs in the last time. Wrong isn't different there but it's good on the emotional side. Come Back doesn't work in itself. Only Mart's vocals are very good. Fletch's job is great by the way - can I have it?

  • Ligne claire


    It make me feel soooo good. Thank you.

  • johnny


    javier= IDI O T

  • Headstar69


    I'm loving the new material. Does anyone think the band are allowing stuff to get leaked to allow us to get excited about the new stuff? I like 'Come back', though of all the new tracks my favourites are probably Oh well and Hole To Feed

  • jon


    astounding stuff. thanks!

  • Depeche jr.


    Excellent song, but video was VERY staged. Love the bad acting at the end... "WHEW!" DM should really do more organic songs like this and less of the BLIPPY-BLOPPY songs as of late.

  • Sofia


    No, I want more blippy-bloppy songs!

  • Depeche jr.


    Then enjoy the new album. :) I personally enjoy more of their work that is a nice balance between electronics and organics: like SOFAD, their "Dirt" cover and Barrel of a Gun.

  • Mark


    Depeche jr: yeah it felt super staged at the beginning and end but i'm fairly convinced that the footage hasn't really been altered like the wrong premiere. Even if the video was polished up, this video is awesome and one of the coolest things they've done in terms of the live session and the song's sound, without that nagging "could it be that i'm just in denial that one of the 2 or 3 only good bands left in existence are losing their edge" feeling. I've noticed that the more I hear and understand how it fits together the better you can appreciate how the songs reflect on eachother like on PTA (i didn't know what to think when i heard it by itself the first time, then i heard it right after TSIM and i was like OH), i think this album is going to kick ass

  • Mark


    )when i heard precious* for the first time) even

  • bongino


    The song is oK, what I appreciate most is the fact that they are playing in the studio, similar to Hourglass Studio Sessions, incluiding Fletch who in fact is playing playing the bass key changings for the electrosequencer. The album version might be a more produced version, I wonder how will Stories Of Old sound in the Studio Session DVD.

  • Peter


    Once a music journalist said about Depeche Mode: Depeche Mode nowadays is not your father's Depeche Mode. That kind of sums it up perfectly. As Mark (39) says things seem to come together. The musical output in my opinion is bigger then ever. They are somewhat in their mid40s and you hear it and feel it in their music. They took the right turn and I very much appreciate that.