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  • Ivan B


    I've heard the leaked version of Come Back... It's too 'blippy-bloppy' compared to this stripped down version. Plus, the producers (baaad baad producers!) lost all the chord changes (magic) along the way...Not happy about that! This version makes me cry. 'Album version' - nothin' This album is going to be quite a shock, it seems. Shock. Shock. Shock. Track, after track, after track. Hillier. Car. Sack.

  • modefreak


    This is beautiful maaan!!!! Love it!!! Can't wait longer!!!!

  • KeenMan


    I don't like this song. The leaked version seemed much better. But this is like "I Want It All Part. II". Almost like a Pink Floyd album. I am assuming that we're not having the juicy beef until the whole record is released, they keep this clips with the lesser teasers possible. Until now, the most dumb song on the album is "Hole to Feed", with its childish bad-written lyric, could only be from an Hourglass leftover!!! Looking forward to hear the real deal - "PEACE" and "OH WELL Seven Inch Version"

  • no hope


    This studio version is soulful with the piano, harmonies and minimal electronic humming. If the other version of this song that is on the web is the one on the album that will be bad as is sounds very boring and not very moving.

  • Cop


    I tried to like this song but can't. This is why DM can'make break through anymore. SOFAD was the last great album

  • 423443


    my god, depeche mode is becoming a retro act!

  • innovation of sound


    I have read some of these comments with interest. Being a music producer and mode fan myself I thought I would add to them. All of the tracks that are currently floating around the web from SOTU are very rough early demos. Wrong is the only finished track we have heard so far. I can tell you that this Album is going to be a cracker. It is easily their best effort since Violator/SOFAD. I know that Alan Wilder bought a certain production to DM songs and was probably missed on the last 3 albums but to be honest the songs on these albums were not really the strongest that Martin has written in his career. But SOTU is the record that puts DM back on track. The Album comes together totally, songs are brilliant and the production finally is back to where it should be. To all doubters and fellow mode fans. Ignore the demos, sit back and wait for the Album....You will not be disappointed. Regards. Matt Innovation of Sound.

  • Maxmode


    People Please let the real Album show us what they've done in the studio and then let's hear every one's opinion. Stop The bulls*** about the leaked versions of some of the songs that you've allegedly heard that are better or worse than this version or the other one. All these silly comments make me sick. Please be a little respectful and wait for the real deal to come out....

  • Headstar69


    I agree with the previous comment from Maxmode. Not really fair to judge the new tracks on the demos we've heard. The finished tracks i've heard, IE Wrong and Oh Well (BLO Dub), sound excellent and have me drooling for the new material. I'm planning on going for the deluxe box set, which i'm guessing will give me about 3 hours of material to digest, excluding what's on the DVD. It's nice to be slightly familiar with some of the material first, even if it's rouh demos or bare versions. It took a while for me to like Violator when it first got released. It was so different from MFTM and Black Celebration. That was only 47mins long and we'd heard two singles from it previously. I think an album takes time to grow with you. Give the new material time to be apreciated before dismissing it as poor!

  • KeenMan


    I get a feeling that when I hear this album on its entirety, I will be saying WTF. Just like PTA. In the beginning I will reject most of the songs, later I will like some more of them, but that will be it - 5 songs worth the wait, 13 that can go and join PTA's blippy bloppy nonsense.

  • Jullan


    KeenMan. Noone is interested of what you will say when this album comes cracking! rater you face when you realise how stiuped you are! DM is the best band in the UNIVERSE!

  • Mark


    Innovation of sound: About all the leaked tracks being "very rough demos", I think Dave was asked about the Fragile Tension track and said that the leak was basicly entirely finished as far as song structure and basic recording goes. Unless he's trying to get expectations down, that's at least one track that probably only needed some mastering/sound engineering work.. It is my favorite leak but it's looking like we'll probably have lots of truncated sounding songs and zero epic songs.. Whatever the sound is going to be, there need to be a heck of a lot more songs that drop you off at a totally different sonic landscape than where it picked you up from, right?

  • cop


    Let me start by saying that I have been a huge DM fan since Black C. It seems that my last post, sounded is a if I was trashing DM. What I was getting at is, even with the last 2 albums, when you listen to a new song it takes awhile to grow on you. I am sure many of you would agree that if you heard some of their latest songs on the radio, and it was sung by another band, many would turn to another station. There is nothing that just grabs you with the beats and lyrics. Being a fan you buy the cd and play it over and over, till it starts sounding good. To me that feeling should start from the begining.

  • sunnimode


    Cop! I have to admit that when I initially heard Enjoy the Silence, which was the first DM song I heard, I did not think much of it. After hearing it on the radio several times, I started liking it! A year later, I started buying all of DM's prior albums and became a huge huge fan!!! WHen I heard precious, it grabbed me right away admittedly so, however it was not played on radio as often as I would have imagined. It'shard to say how non DM fans will react to their music, but it's too soon to tell right now. Let's hear the CD first before we make judgment!!

  • depeche jr.


    Mark: Good points. I will definitely wait to hear this album. I have not heard anything past Wrong and this song. And I really think song is BAD ASS... at least in this format. I don't know why some people are very against this track... I'm not suggesting that I wish for an entire album to be like this, but rather, to include this track with this type of arrangement; so that way, it compliments other songs which may "rock out". Unfortunately, I hear that the version of "Come Back" on the album is very electronic with most (if not all) of the organics stripped away.

  • JRW101


    I rarely love a DM track on first listen. I prefer it that way. In my experience great music takes time to be appreciated. I think this will be a very good album. When are we going to get some proper press reviews of the album?

  • DavidDaza



  • MaxMode


    I honestly can say that the only DM tracks that I liked on first listen were Police Of True from Violator and It's Not Good from Ultra, which are two of the catchiest DM songs ever, but unfortunately these two new songs Wrong and Come Back haven't done the magic for me so far. Hopefully once I start listening to the entire album, some of that lost magic will come back.

  • mode 101


    AMAZING SONG! i hope this studio version would make it to the album :D

  • NikacP0kac


    Has anyone heard the new remix from Little Soul (Little Thomas Tears And Feathers Mix) - I think that's the name - has anyone heard this song in full?

  • Anal Sperber


    What a beautiful song, made me cry thinking of my lost love

  • martin santti


    If ANYONE in the Depeche Mode camp read these lines... please release this version on the album.. this is almost as epic as Imagine - Lennon .

  • Granny


    Sounds like Tears For Fears circa Songs From The Big Chair. Which is a good thing ;-)

  • ericson


    The other version of this song is so dead. This studio session is amazing. I can't believe the producers ruined it by taking out the chord changes and harmonies. For that Ben deserved what he got in the 'Wrong' video. When the album comes out I am gonna make a cd that puts this version in place of the album version.

  • DMsemiFan


    I think this song is quite corny. I personally believe that Dave shouldn't write songs for Depeche mode, and this has nothing to do with his songwriting skills. I think he has quite good ones that he showed on songs like Hidden Houses, Kingdom, Dirty Sticky Floors, and hmm let us say Suffer Well. But the thing is that his approach is different, his melodies, harmonies, and especially lyrics, are so different (if I don't want to say weaker) than Gore's. On PTA the songs didn't go well together in my opinion, and Dave's songs were mostly the weak part (IMHO). As for the songs of the album that leaked, I think that Wrong is a descent song (not my favorite of Depeche), fragile tension is kind of OK, and the rest so far is not too impressive. I still don't understand why people keep bit*hing about Exciter: it has with no doubt the most mature lyrics of depeche (shine, freelove, sweetest condition, I am you), lyricwise I could easily say that Exciter is the best DM. As for its melodies, they are not Violator, but they are quite catchy and complex at the same time, Freelove is a hit that Depeche should consider playing on this tour. Peace

  • Headstar69


    This version will be released with the deluxe version of the album, on the DVD. It's a bit unfair judging this bare version to be better, having not heard the album version yet. We don't know how different it may sound. The album track listings say the running times for 'Come Back' 5.15 and 'Hole to feed' 3.59 but the leaked versions are 4.09 and 4.55, meaning both songs have a minute more or less than what we've already heard, suggesting they could be alot different Also having heard the bare versions of Nothing's impossible, Clean, Waiting for the night and Surrender Ericson, should they have been released on their albums in that stripped down form? I think it shows what great songs they are when they are so adaptable

  • MODEmaniac


    Beautiful to tears... Geez, Depeche rock my world!! I'm blown away...



    Just love Martin´s voice...whitout that the song wouldn´t be the same...