Interview: 5 with Black Light Odyssey

Here is a HOME exclusive interview with Depeche remixers, Black Light Odyssey! I caught up with Anton and Craig from Black Light Odyssey to do a quick 5 about their remix for “Oh Well”. Read on for all the details!

Your remix for “Master And Servant” cemented you on the radar of Depeche Mode fans world wide, how did you feel about the “Swarm’s” reaction to that and the, so far, amazing embrace the fans are giving your take on “Oh Well”?

Craig: The Master & Servant mix was fun just to mess around with a track that both of us loved. I was surprised when people started talking about it and checking out on our myspace page and complimenting us. So far the reaction to “Oh Well” has been beyond belief really.

Anton: We’d play it out when we’d dj and it always packed the floor and people would ask where to get the mix. We were hoping it would get a proper release, but it didn’t quite work out. We know the “Swarm” are a tough lot when it comes to remixes, so we’re a bit taken aback with all the positive comments coming in to us.

I’m sure you’re psyched on getting your remixes picked up, that’s a given, but having the only remix included on CD 1 of the physical single and to also be included as part of the first iTunes Pass must have been exciting, what are your guys reaction to being apart of such a monumental release?

Anton: We weren’t really told of any of the release details in advance, so we first found about it at the same time as everyone else. We honestly had no idea if the mixes were going to be released commercially at all, so it is exciting seeing them being used they way they are. We’re especially glad to see both mixes being used as they’re two different sides to the coin so to speak..

Craig: I got a call from Anton the day the iTunes program went on-line. Couldn’t have asked for a better wake up call. We knew the mixes were approved, but I felt we’d be lucky just to be included on a promo disc or something. It’s been quite a rush to have been selected not only to launch their new iTunes Pass, but to also be on Bong 40.

I love the balance you guys found with giving the song a club, electro edge without burying “Depeche Mode” too much in it, how difficult was that for you guys?

Anton: That’s really the approach we take to any remix really, preserving the spirit of the original and infusing it with our own style. The funny thing with the Dub mix is that we sort of created a Depeche Mode atmosphere as if we were creating the track from scratch, there’s not much of the original used in the Dub. The mix coming out on the cd single is more of a proper remix of the original. I think when people hear “Oh Well” they’ll be quite surprised as it’s something quite different than we’re used to hearing from Mode, it’s a bit DAF sounding

Craig: After we completed the first mix, which is very true to the original, we had a few days left before the deadline and wanted to try something with a different feel. I had been playing around with a keyboard melody and Anton had a cool new bass line and we built up the atmosphere from there. In the back of my mind I wanted that Violator-era sound (subtle) with a memorable melody and synth hook. I’m anxious to hear what people think after hearing the original.

I know you guys are big fans, how was the whole experience of remixing a band your such a fan of? Was there ever an intimidation factor that got to you?

Craig: It’s funny because we’ve joked about remixing Depeche Mode for so long. It really is the pinnacle for an electronic artist in my opinion. I think one of the benefits of being fans and knowing how the group operates is that we could focus on what would not only make a good remix but a good “Depeche Mode” remix. They can be notoriously picky (and rightfully so) about remixes, so I think we had an advantage. It really is an honor though. To look at the artists who’ve done mixes: Underworld, The Orb, KLF, Air, Portishead, Goldfrapp, Tiga, Boys Noize, etc. – it’s very special to be included in that group.

Anton: We started off every night’s session with a couple stiff drinks, so any intimidation we may have felt quickly disappeared. But in all seriousness, it was a real special experience loading up the parts for the first time and hearing something we’ve never heard before.

You guys have any plans to play out live?

Anton: We’re currently booking dj dates beginning in April and from there we’re working on putting together a hybrid dj/live set using Ableton Live along with some analog synths and other pieces of hardware. We’ve been wanting to do something beyond typical dj’ing for sometime and we have some interesting ideas to explore. We should be hitting the road with that setup by early summer.

All right guys, list them! Top 5 all time Depeche Mode remixes?


1. Master & Servant (OnUSound Sci-Fi Dancehall Classic) – Adrian Sherwood was truly groundbreaking. As far as I’m concerned, this along with his PAP mixes were among the first true remixes.

2. Word In My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix) – Francois K, another legend!

3. Darkest Star (James Holden mix) – Sounds so foreboding on the
dance floor

4. In Your Room (Jeep Rock Mix) – (JD and Portishead truly do justice to the original

5. Happiest Girl (The Orb’s pulsating orbital vocal mix) – A really trippy mix, I think the Orb were on shrooms that day


1. Precious (Motor Remix) – This mix holds up really well – love the aggression and sharp synths.

2. Dangerous (Sensual Mix) – the title is appropriate. Plus it’s my favorite Depeche song so it has to make the list.

3. Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) – The epic quality of the mix. This really defines the era.

4. Strangelove (Simenon/Saunders Mix) – After hearing Martin sing, “It’s Important” I felt the other versions were missing something.

5. But Not Tonight (Extended Mix) – I might get shot for this, but someone needs to stand up for this song!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to catch BLO DJing @ Club Moscow on Wed March 4th and then again at Cinespace on March 15th!

For more information on Black Light Odyssey, check on their MySpace page at

Be sure to head over to iTunes to purchase the exclusive iTunes Pass for Depeche Mode, that includes BLO’s Dub remix for “Oh Well”, available now!

For info on Ableton Live, please visit

Interview by Glen. (C) HOME. Do not steal this article without giving full credit and a link! Photos appear courtesy of Black Light Odyssey.


  • Mark1975


    Great read, thanks. Love the mix too, definitely get that Sea Of Sin vibe.

  • Dave


    Very interesting....thanks! I was wondering how close the original "Oh Well" was to the remix dub...I guess they are quite different.

  • joan


    would dm please consider these guys to produce the next album? they are awesome

  • Richard Nalty


    Very impressed with the dub remix available on iTunes. Dark, yet with a light touch to the proceedings. The track has a nice balance to the arrangement. BLO could have created a dull plodding \boring beats\ number but they have not -they've engineered something quite special. Kudos.

  • Headstar69


    Love the Dub you've mixed. Well done!!

  • Odette


    Beautiful job on the Dub remix-- dark, wickedly sensual, and subtle; it's a perfect compliment to the selection of the SOTU remixes on iTunes, and it's one of my favorites!

  • Headstar69


    I'd love these guys to mix In Chains or Corrupt. They know how to create a good atmosphere on a mix without taking it too far, and both those songs need that dark and sensual touch to deeper the listening pleasure!!Well done guys!