"Wrong" physical formats announced

The three commercial, physical formats for “Wrong”, have been announced on the band’s official site. We’re getting a seven inch, a CD single and a CD maxi, between them holding 4 four remixes including ones by Trentemøller and Stuart Price (Thin White Duke), a b-side and a remix of that b-side. Read on for the full listings.

7″ Single – BONG 40
A. Wrong
B. Oh Well

1. Wrong
2. Oh Well (Black Odyssey Remix)

CD2 (Maxi) – LCDBONG 40
1. Wrong
2. Wrong (Trentemøller Club Remix)
3. Wrong (Thin White Duke Remix)
4. Wrong (Magda Scallop Funk Mix)
5. Wrong (D.I.M. vs Boys Noise Remix)


  • Pinju


    Good to see Jacques Lu Cont back; his mix of PTIUT was a good effort. Very happy to see Boys Noize after their take on PJ. Heard good stuff about Trentemoller, hope it's better than Tiefschwarz! Madga who?

  • michaŁ


    Where do you see Jacques Lu Cont Remix?

  • Pinju


    Thin White Duke = Jacques Lu Cont = Stuart Price. One and the same.

  • matt


    Pinju, once again I like your taste and you know your stuff..good man. I though ptiut le cont mix was superb, there isvone doing the rounds that has le cont v's markus schulze on stuff. would love to see way out west\nick warren also do a mix

  • Pinju


    Way Out West would be good, but I guess the track would have to be quite 'light' and open sounding. (Way Out West always reminds me of being by the sea, for some reason) Or how about Elite Force or Group Therapy? They did some great work on Hybrid's stuff. If we're going back to pesky avant garde mixes, bring back Telex. I loved their minimal versions.

  • dre7861


    Another thing that was in the announcement that I thought was cool is that "Oh Well" is written by Martin and Dave! I just signed up for the iTunes Pass. I'm assuming since the "Oh Well" mix is Balck Odyssey Dub that the Black Odyssey Remix is another mix - Yeah! In some ways "Wrong" is unlike anything they've done before but in other ways its very Depeche Mode from the "Pimpf" chanting at the begining to the melody line from "Damaged People." But I caqn tell you this that I've been humming it ever sense I heard it - very catchy! I love the "Oh Well" mix. It has a very epic techno feel to it. I'm not sure if that's the song or the remix. I remember back in the SOFAD days before the internet is what it is today. I lurked around the record store waiting each Tuesday until "I Feel You" came out. I grabbed the CD-Single not knowing that DM was releasing two CD-Singles. To be honest I think my record store only had one version which was the one that had the 'Life's Too Short,' 'Swamp,' 'Afghan Surgery' and 'Helmet At The Helm' mixes on it. After listening to it I thought to myself "They released an instrumental?!?" LOL Since then I've learned to never judge a song by its remixes and never judge a remix by the song. I'm so excited about the new album that I'm almost beside myself with joy!

  • Marino


    Wow, such a great news! I like Trentemøller workin' on DM! Wow!

  • KeenMan


    OH WELL REMIX approved!!! While I detest WRONG, I can absolutely say that OH WELL should been an A-SIDE... LOL OH WELL, fantastic remix, I expect the song to be even better. I do think WRONG will be the weakest track in this album. OH WELL and FRAGILE TENSION and PEACE are here to confirm this. The video for WRONG is totally superb.

  • JRW101


    Living in Australia I have purchased Wrong through Itunes but Ohh Well is not available yet...Ohh Well

  • oglomov


    Can't wait to hear Boys Noize remix. Bet it is going to be the next electro anthem :-) Trentemoller and Stuart Price are always welcomed. I assume Magda is but to be honest I don't think I ever heard any of her songs/remixes. She's with minus label (richie hawtin) so I am expecting a "techno" remix. cheers

  • ZaKo


    Why the hack they're putting the same track on both CDs? :( And we won't get any slipcases as no DVD-single announced :(

  • TotheBone


    no 12"s? :(

  • Balance Man


    Just seen the video - I though that was going to be Alan in the car!!!

  • ManOfWax


    Many of you really have no clue what you are talking about! This album is awesome, Wrong is awesome, Oh Well is awesome, Fragile Tension is awesome and I think everything we are hearing is very hopeful, and I'm hopeful that all the remixes will be as good as this one of Oh Well.

  • dmbreand


    when is wrong in the shops?

  • Jakob


    Will there by any 12" formats?

  • Daniel HDR


    It will be awesome listen some remixes with more soundtrack atmosphere too.

  • tyer


    why is depeche so money hungry? first all the remaster reissues, now a special singles pack on i tunes, then a complete deluxe album package. on top of that a international tour. the new single is good, They know longtime fans are always going to buy new material. DEPECHE MODE still are one of the better bands in the world today, but I'm not expecting anything new. PTA had some successful singles, but to be honest, I haven't heard something great from DM since ULTRA.

  • matt


    did anyone listen to pete tong on radio1 (UK) tonight (27th feb)they had a world exclusive of the thin white duke mix..Oh my god. it was amazing...sent shivers down my spine...absolutely banging!!!

  • Pinju


    @matt - you filthy tease! Describe? Was it lighter/heavier? Vocals? Trancey or rockier? @tyer - ooh music business in money making shocker! How dare they!

  • Oglomov


    Just heard the "Thin White Duke Mix"... honestly I don't like it very much. But I do have faith in Trentemøller and Boys Noize

  • javier


    I like the 12″ vinyl for this single, will be any ? somebody know anything?