"Wrong" and "Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Dub)" hits iTunes

Two new Mode tracks available now on iTunes. “Wrong” can be bought outside the UK by following this . Black Light Odyssey’s Dub of “Oh Well” is available now for fans in the UK, on their local . The “Oh Well” remix is part of a 20 track strong iTunes version of the album, while fans outside the UK will have to make do with 15 tracks. Tracklists after the jump.

In addition to the 13 tracks on the album, the UK deluxe iTunes edition will feature these bonus tracks:

14 – Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Dub) (OUT NOW)
15 – Jezebel (Sixtoes Remix)
16 – Little Soul (Thomas Fehlmann Ambient Mix)
17 – In Chains (Minilogue’s Earth Remix)
18 – Wrong (Trentemøller Remix Edit)
19 – Wrong (video)
20 – Sounds Of The Universe – a short film (video)

The “outside UK” edition will feature these bonus tracks:

14 – Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Dub)
15 – Wrong (Trentemøller Remix Edit)


  • Johan


    Sounds of the Universe... so much for that album title... Why iTunes UK only?!? Not even the their biggest fan base there... Go ahead and make it available to Devotees all over the Universe. NOW! :) Oh well. ;)

  • matt


    This is absolutley superb, I love these kind of dark mixes, reminds of something that Hybrid would do or use in a mix. If anyone hasn't heard of Hybrid, check them out..fantstic band\dj's and awesome live..would love it if they remixed the mode!!!

  • Stephan


    Sounds great, really old school synth

  • Alex A


    Why only one link? I want it too!

  • Johan


    Hey, did someone else notice the listing of a Trentemöller remix of Wrong on Itunes!? Have this been known before? Really looking forward to that remix!

  • Doug


    I'm sure it will show up on US iTunes tomorrow, (Tuesday), the usual new release date in the States. If the pre-order isn't up there tomorrow, I'd be surprised. Of course, there's no guarantee we'll get "Oh Well." We may get "Wrong."

  • oglomov


    solid song, dark groovy, my guess is that it is probably better than the original version :-)

  • tom jones


    for those that heard it, considering it's a "dub" is there at all any vocals on it from dm?

  • Brady


    How can I purchase from the U.S.? Is there a way to purchase from the UK iTunes from a U.S. based account/computer?

  • vdog


    I hope they dont do that album pre-order thing through ITunes like they did with PTA where you get to purchase tix for the show early. I bought the album online with a presale date for the show only to find out my seats were at top row, in the back up in the rafters! Horrible!!!! At least I was at the show, but man, I would rather pay extra through a ticket agency then to do that again!!!

  • vdog


    Oh...and Wrong rocks!!! Dark, Moody, solid old school DM sound with a hint of new! How many bands can survive the 80's and still sound as fresh today while sticking to what got them here??? Amazing!

  • AndyD421


    German iTunes got "Wrong" instead of "Oh Well"..I'll check and see what other countries got what.

  • JRW101


    Anyone watched the Wrong video yet. I thought it was excellent.

  • barrydep


    I saw the video. I thought it was great!!!

  • David


    YES. Oh well is SICK! What an amazing dance track??!!

  • Doug


    Wrong is growing on me minute by minute, but Oh Well is the best track I've heard of the three (including the unfinished Fragile Tension)! If the original track is even close to this remix, it could be their best b-side since My Joy and Dave's vocals take me back to Sea Of Sin.

  • tension


    The remix of oh well is great, but I suspect that the album version will be a great DM song. Fantastic!

  • darkred


    Wrong (Trentemøller Remix Edit): oh my god, my dream come true !!

  • Pinju


    @Matt...I've long been championing Hybrid to do a dM mix. I would love it. I would imagine they would do a much more 'true' version rather than some of the latter remixes (Digitalism, etc.)

  • matt


    @Pinju, you have good taste sir, Hybrid are among one of my fave bands for a while now(just behind DM)..they get better and better, would also like to see Planet Funk do a DM mix.

  • oglomov


    @ tom jones: yes, there are some vocals in the dub. @ brady: yes, you can, just search ebay for itunes voucher or card @darkred did I miss something? where is the Trentemøller remix of Wrong? by the way, just checked the US Itunes store and you can buy a pass to download content as soon it is available and the "oh well" dub is also available. cheers

  • DMCD11


    The "outside UK" edition was the one shown on UK iTunes yesterday...

  • DarthDigweed


    I hope these are on the US iTunes when I get home. I would love to see the Pet Shop Boys remix DM, I think it would be a great mix of Dark and Light.

  • Pinju


    @Matt again, can you imagine...ooh Wrong in the stylee of the title track "I Choose Noise"? Let me know if you want to talk Hybrid outside of this forum!

  • Macromode


    The remix is good and it seems that the original version must be great.

  • djparky


    where is Wrong on UK I-tunes??? like the song- want to buy it but can't see it for sale anywhere!!

  • Captain Oatwright


    why only available on itunes? imo itunes is so anti what Mute records always stood for!

  • Pinju


    Well, do actually want to sell their music, don't they? Physical formats alone aren't the place to be. Obvious really.

  • NikacP0kac


    Black Light Odyssey made also a pretty good remix of "Master And Servant". Listen to it on their myspace site. But I like the "Oh Well" mix much better. Can't wait for the single!!!!!!!!!