Depeche Mode to stream ‘LiVE SPiRiTS’ concert film in ahead of ‘SPiRiTS in the Forest’ documentary release

Depeche Mode live at Waldebühne, Berlin, 2018. CREDIT: Getty

Depeche Mode are set to stream their ‘LiVE SPiRiTS‘ concert film in its entirety this Thursday on YouTube in celebration of the release of their ‘SPiRiTS in the Forest’ documentary.

Filmed at the legendary Waldebühne in Berlin, the pair of shows was the end of the Global Spirit Tour, which is coming to DVD/Blu-Ray on June 26.

Depeche Mode have teamed up with Live Nation to bring the full ‘LiVE SPiRiTS’ gig to YouTube next Thursday (June 25). Fans can tune in at 9pm CET/8pm BST/3pm EDT/12n PDT for the one-time-only live stream.

Longtime collaborator Anton Corbijn directed the forthcoming SPiRiTS in the Forest film, which will now be issued in a special four-disc package.

The official release description reads: “The film zeroes in on their lives – all extremely different save for their love of Depeche Mode’s music and the way that music has shaped their experiences – intercut with the final Berlin show, held at the iconic Waldbühne (“Forest Stage”) on the record-breaking two-year Global Spirit Tour in 2018, which saw them play to over 3 million fans at 115 shows across the world.”

Corbijn explained that he had set out to create “a different take on a live film” with the project. [They] were only interested if there was a different angle to it, so we decided to look at the reason why Depeche Mode was still growing,” he said. “They have all these fans and they’re the biggest cult band in the world. It’s unbelievable.”