A new Depeche Mode film and DVD

There are a few reports today that the much talked about Global Spirit Tour film and dvd will finally be released.

A couple of websites have reported that the film will be called “Spirits In The Forest” with one saying:

“On July 25th 2018, after playing to more than 3 million fans at 130 shows, Depeche Mode finished their Global Spirit Tour with a final special performance at Berlin’s famed Waldbühne (“Forest Stage”). Spirits in the Forest captures not only that live show, but also focuses on six special fans in the crowd that night.”

The same site says that Emagine Entertainment’s site lists the film as airing in cinemas in Minnesota and Michigan on a date to be confirmed

A website has popped up too which only reveals the picture below – click here

That’s all we know so far. More news as and when we get it