Fan unboxing videos

Two fan Unboxing Videos were put together to warm everyone up for the new collector series 12″ single box sets from Depeche Mode coming out on Auguest 31st.  The Depeche Mode 12″ singles collectors’ edition box set series launches tomorrow with the release of ‘Speak & Spell | The 12″ Singles’ and ‘A Broken Frame | The 12″ Singles’. 10 fans were selected, 5 for each box, and we’re asked to record unboxing videos to reveal what was inside. I, along with 9 other fans, were lucky to be chosen and here are the two unboxing videos released. Let’s hope they do more of these what the other box sets are released. Enjoy!

‘Speak & Spell | The 12″ Singles’ Unboxing Video

‘A Broken Frame | The 12″ Singles’ Unboxing Video