Music For The Masses 30th Anniversary Audio Tribute

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Depeche Mode’s monumental “Music For The Masses” album! Wow.. just writing that sentence was surreal for me. I can only imagine how surreal it would be for the members of the band when something they’ve released hits a landmark anniversary. This album and the tour took DM to new heights that are very well documented, so we won’t bore you with the details. An epic album, amazing artwork, and memories for so many Devotees. To honor the occasion, we have put together an audio tribute to the album, the band, and the MFTM era featuring audio clips, remixes, and a few live tracks from the record that the band has played through the years. We’ve mixed it all together to take you back  to one of many amazing moments in the history of Depeche Mode.

Another project we were working on to help commemorate the occasion fell through, but we’re really excited to bring you this audio tribute that includes interviews from the era as well as insights from people involved in making the record and more. No downloads, this is a streaming only audio tribute. If you enjoyed our audio tributes to Violator and Black Celebration, we hope you’ll feel the same about our MFTM tribute. You can listen to the other tributes on our Soundcloud page, FYI.


We hope you’ll enjoy it and please share with your DM friends. “Spreading the news around the world….”