Dave Gahan guest vocals on forthcoming Null + Void album

Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan collaborator, Kurt Uenala, will be releasing a full length album under his Null + Void alias soon called “Cryosleep”. That in itself is exciting, but if you add the fact that the album will¬† see guest vocals from Dave Gahan… then we have even more to be excited about! While we don’t have the release info for the record just yet, we’re excited to see Dave to be apart of the record and wanted to share the news. We’ll update you when we have the finalized info on the song and album. The album is said to be inspired by retro sci-fi, electronic innovators, and classic new wave. Besides Dave, the album will also see guest vocals from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Big Pink, and Light Asylum. More info soon!

If you missed it, here’s the lead off single “Asphalt Kiss” which is out now on hfn music!