Depeche Mode “Spirit” is out!

As Thursday slowly becomes Friday across Europe, release day is finally here. Depeche Mode’s 14th studio album, “Spirit”, is hitting retailers – of both the digital and good old fashioned brick’n’mortar variety – right NOW! The album is a powerful statement, lyrically capturing the political zeitgeist, and encapsulating it in the band’s most daring record in many many years. Beefy, gritty, angry, bleak and menacing!

The 2-CD Deluxe version of the album featuring a special 28-page booklet of exclusive artwork and photos, along with 5 remixes created by Depeche Mode, Matrixxman and Kurt Uenala, collectively entitled the ‘Jungle Spirit Mixes’. The vinyl version of Spirit will be released on two 180 gram LPs, featuring the standard album and a special SPIRIT etching on the 4th side. All artwork and photographs accompanying the album are by Depeche Mode’s longtime creative collaborator and renowned filmmaker Anton Corbijn.

Disc 1 – Spirit (Standard & Deluxe):
01. Going Backwards
02. Where’s The Revolution
03. The Worst Crime
04. Scum
05. You Move
06. Cover Me
07. Eternal
08. Poison Heart
09. So Much Love
10. Poorman
11. No More (This Is The Last Time)
12. Fail

Disc 2 – Jungle Spirit Mixes (Deluxe only)
13. Cover Me (Alt Out)
14. Scum (Frenetic Mix)
15. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix)
16. Fail (Cinematic Cut)
17. So Much Love (Machine Mix)

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