Revolution Remixers

Some details on the remixers for the “Wheres The Revolution” single are starting to surface and they look really promising! While we can’t confirm these just yet, the info on the remixers look pretty solid. An Italian site has just posted up the info, so we wanted to pass it on for you to check out. Again, nothing confirmed, but we’re pretty excited about what we see… especially with Algiers and Autolux remixing! Ewan and Terence are no strangers to DM fans, so if you add these to the five remixes created by Depeche Mode, Matrixxman and Kurt Uenala for the ‘Jungle Spirit Mixes’ for the special edition of Spirit… we’re looking good on remixes right out of the gate! We’ll give you more info and confirmation as we get it.

Where’s The Revolution remix names that have surfaced so far….

Where’s The Revolution – Ewan Pearsons Remix

Where’s The Revolution – Algiers Remix

Where’s The Revolution – Terence Fixmer Remix

Where’s The Revolution – Autolux Remix

More info soon….