Depeche Mode are back in the studio

We’re thrilled to finally report that Depeche Mode are back in the studio. Working with a new producer, the band have just finished the first string of studio sessions on what is to become their 14th album.

Sessions began in Santa Barbara on April 12th and wrapped this past weekend. Work will resume later this month.

Looking at the schedules for “Sounds Of The Universe” and “Delta Machine”, the timing could indicate a spring 2017 album release and tour.

This will be their first album since 2001s “Exciter” without Ben Hillier in the producer’s chair. Hillier helmed the sessions for “Playing The Angel”, “Sounds Of The Universe” and “Delta Machine”, producing more than 50 tracks for the band.

To mark the end of this era, we’ve put together a playlist of our favourite tracks from the Hillier-years. Check it out below.

On Spotify (compiled by Glen)

On Tidal (compiled by Peter)

On Apple Music (compiled by Sean)

On Spotify (Compiled by Shinji)