DM hit the studio in April?

Were not sure when the actual interview took place, but Martin L. Gore sat down for an hour interview with Rob Bell of The RobCast podcast and the episode featuring Martin was posted today. The two sat down in Martin’s home studio and he gave Rob an insightful interview about the old days, success, and the possible future of Depeche. Like both Dave and Andy have said before the end of last year, he mentioned that the band plan to get together “in the next few weeks” (here in 2016) with the hopes that they will get started in April.

Now let’s keep in mind Martin said these future plans casually in this interview, but the band haven’t even met yet and so we’re not confirming any timeline as of now. While it seems likely from his comments, there are some fan sites and social media outlets out there running his comments as if it was, in fact, confirmed. Let’s let the band meet, figure out if they want to make a record, and try to confirm a timeline from there. As of now, they only thing confirmed is that the band want to meet and have hopes to make a new record.

Listen to Martin’s entire interview with Rob here:

Rob Bell shared this picture of he and Martin on his Facebook page from the day when they got together to record the podcast.

Martin L. Gore and Rob Bell

More solid, confirmed info when it becomes available, but we’re getting excited!