Soulsavers are releasing another album soon… but without Dave.

It seems Soulsavers have been busier than we thought: quietly, they just uploaded a new song on Soundcloud, out of the blue. Apparently a new album called “Kubrick” will be released on December 4th, containing instrumentals inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick. The song ‘Clay’ has been uploaded a few hours ago:

For the full press release you can go to Peek-a-boo magazine. Soulsavers have stated in the past that they wanted to make more instrumental, soundtrack-esque albums, so we can’t be too surprised, but nobody expected them to make two albums at the same time!


1 DeLarge
2 Clay
3 Torrance
4 Fax
5 Joker
6 Hal
7 Mandrake
8 Ziegler