New Depeche Mode record?

In an new interview with Clash about the new Soulsavers project, Dave Gahan says, “Look, there’s going to be another Depeche record. We’re not done” which has, of course, sent the Devotees into quite an excited frenzy. As it should. The full Clash interview with Dave is coming soon, but today they did share his comments regarding Depeche and we’re really thrilled with his candid comments regarding the future. While there isn’t a solid plan at the moment, in the interview , Dave said he saw Martin recently and confirmed that Martin was writing some songs. If you missed it, Martin had commented in some interviews promoting the MG record that he was writing some songs with Depeche Mode in mind. In fact, Dave said he has done a bit of writing for DM too. So the future, as of now, is looking pretty good!

Here’s the full Clash interview for you to check out:

Dave Gahan Talks New Depeche Mode

“We’re much more of a team these days…”

Dave Gahan is the middle of something of a creative purple patch.

Depeche Mode released their well-received studio album ‘Delta Machine’ in 2013, following hot on the heels of the singer’s full length collaboration with Soulsavers.

Since then, the singer has completed an exhausting world tour – and hopped back in the studio. Working once more with Soulsavers, the project’s new album ‘Angels & Ghosts’ will be released on October 23rd, and is set to be followed by a select batch of live performances.

Clash was granted the chance to chat to Dave Gahan, discussing ‘Angels & Ghosts’ and much, much more. As the conversation drew to a close, though, we couldn’t help but ask about Depeche Mode’s current plans…

“No plans at the moment but I’m not ruling out Martin (Gore) and I being back in the studio at some point next year,” he explained. “I know he’s started a bit of writing and I’ve started a little bit of writing as well. I did see him recently and we talked a little bit about getting together later this year just to sort of have a chat about what that might be.”

“Look, there’s going to be another Depeche record. We’re not done,” he insisted. “We always have that feeling… after a tour, you’re like: I’m done. And then suddenly this feeling starts coming up again, like, well we could have made a better record or we could have worked with that guy or we could have done this or we could have done that. There’s still that nagging feeling that I have with Martin. And I think that between us Martin and I are just starting to scratch at something that’s a little different between us. We’re much more of a team these days than we’ve ever been, which has taken a long time.”

So there we have it. A full Dave Gahan interview will be live on Clash shortly.

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