Trentemoller loved remixing Depeche

In a brand new interview with Thrasher Magazine, Trentemøller says that remixing Depeche Mode was one of the funnest remixes he has done and that it lead to Martin L. Gore personally asking them to support Depeche on the Delta Machine tour. We’re big fans of Trentemøller and his remix for “Wrong”, so it’s great to hear that the work he did with Depeche really meant something to him. While short, it’s a great interview, especially him talking about DM, so I thought I would share an excerpt of it here with you here since the interview isn’t available online.



Excerpt from the April 2015 issue of Thrasher:

Interviewed by: Dan Whiteley

“I’m just this guy from Denmark doing weird synthesizer stuff”

“Thrasher: What are your most memorable remixes, in terms of working with bands, or opening up the tracks and picking them apart?

Trentemøller: One of the funnest things was Depeche Mode, because I’m a huge fan. They were one of my favorite bands when I was a teenager, so it was really great to hear Dave and Martin’s vocals, and kind of learn how they build up a song, because you are getting every track isolated, so you can really hear all the stuff. And then they actually asked us to join them on their tour.

Thrasher: So they personally asked you?

Trentemøller: It was actually Martin Gore, writing me an email. That was crazy to suddenly be in these big stadiums, sometimes playing for 70,000 people in Germany, The UK, and France. Many bands you’d think are in it for the money now, but it really felt like those guys are still having a good time doing what they were doing.

Martin Gore and Trentemøller

So when your idols are also your fans, you know you must be doing something special.

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