RIP Matt Fretton

We’re saddened to hear of the passing of the talented Matt Fretton. If you’re not familiar with Matt, he was the support act for Depeche Mode early in the bands career and toured with them on a few tours. Apparently Matt passed on October 29 2013, but we are just now hearing of his passing sadly. He was very kind to us here at Home and even did an interview with us discussing his days touring with Depeche back in 2007. Back in August he reached out to let us know he was making music again and we were looking forward to hearing more from him. Our hearts go out to he and his family and we hope you’ll keep them in your thoughts. If you missed it and want to learn more about Matt from our interview, please click here.

Matt Fretton



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  • Paul


    Sad news. I saw Matt back in '82 with DM at Southampton, was looking forward to hearing his new material. The promo picture here evokes a lot of memories, I always thought it complemented the Swan used on Speak and Spell in a strange kinda way. RIP Matt- thoughts with your family and friends. PK