VCMG on new mix for BPM

Mexican festival BPM is steadily building an impressive reputation and it’s perhaps not surprising to see that the festival has decided to launch its own tied-in DJ mix series via No.19 Music. The amazing Art Department are at the helm on this first installment, delivering a smooth blend of bouncy tech and deep vibes that come together beautifully . Among astounding artists like Deetron, Boris Horel, and Louie Fresco this mix has the fantastic remix that Matthew Johnson put together for VCMG’s “Single Blip”. Single Blip was the 2nd single from VCMG’s album “Ssss” which saw a reunited Martin Gore and Vince Clarke come together for a techno side project in 2012. While the physical CD for the BPM mix was released on Jan 27th, the digital release is now available at most online retailers.  Be sure to go check it out!


01. Oskar Offerman – You Said Party, I Said Maybe (Dub)
02. Oskar Offerman & Edward – What Have We Become
03. Maher Daniel & Jon Charnis – Lonely Stars In Open Skies (Luca Bacchetti Remix)
04. Tenwalls – Requiem
05. Deetron – Character
06. Deniz Kurtel – Deepression
07. Boris Horel – Wild Combinations
08. Baikal – Why Don’t Ya (Ripperton Remix)
09. Louie Fresco – Arabian Sexcapade
10. Art Department – Sun Comes Up (Mind Against 909 Remix)
11. Eric Volta – Love Your Illusion
12. VCMG – Single Blip (Mathew Jonson Remix)
13. Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike – Lenoix
14. Eric Volta featuring Gretz – Blood Burgundy (My Eyes Are Open)