Dave Gahan: “If it works out, a new Soulsavers album appears spring 2015.”

Dave (Gahan) and Rich (Machin) have said it before, but it’s now one and a half year later after they first said it and they’re still saying it: a new Soulsavers album featuring Dave Gahan is being planned. In the new special issue of German magazine Sonic Seducer, Dave and Rich got interviewed sometime around October, in order to promote their Deluxe-edition of their 2012 release ‘The Light The Dead See’. In it, Rich says that he would love to go on tour with Dave but that “of course it is much better to have more than ten tracks live. And we will have that soon, because the next record with Dave is already being considered.”

Dave adds: “I have been in constant contact with Rich. He keeps me up-to-date concerning new songs and ideas where I could come into play. Sure, Rich does collaborate with many different artists such as Mark Lanegan, and my voice does not always fit all of his compositions. But he always puts the songs aside for me of which he thinks that we can make something out of them together. (…) But ‘TLTDS’ is certainly not a one-time-thing – if everything goes the way we imagine it to be, a new Soulsavers album with my vocals should appear approximately in spring 2015.”

That doesn’t mean we should expect Dave to jump into his studio as soon as he gets home, though: Not only do Soulsavers have an album (read here) and EP planned for 2014, but Dave is also quickly to point out, “I think it is only understandable that I will want to spend time with my family. (…) But, knowing me, I’ll get a big thirst for new music again after some time and then it will continue.”

Thanks to HOMIE karimamilena for having scanned and uploaded it here! It also has a nice remnant of a spring 2013 interview with Martin Gore in it, so be sure to read it!