Billboard’s Top 25 Tours of 2013

As the band perform their last show of the year tonight in Helsinki before the holiday break, Billboard has released their list of the Top 25 Tours of 2013 and Depeche Mode sit firmly in the #9 spot.  Bon Jovi took top honors in the #1 spot, but also in the Top 10 are names like Pink, Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and The Rolling Stones.. not a bad group to be apart of. Names of artists they were above? Let’s see, oh I don’t know… there is One Direction, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney, Bruno Mars, and more. Not to make it a competition and of course there are other variables involved like amount of shows played etc, but we’ll just go by the Billboard list and enjoy ending the year on a great note! Me, biased? Ok, sure. After tonight’s show and break, The Delta Machine Tour will kick back in action in the lovely city of Barcelona on January 15th. To read the full list on Billboard, just click here!

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode