Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode and VCMD! Wait, what?

This made me laugh and I just had to share. So I’m not proud to admit it, but I follow this cute Goth girl on Instagram who always post pictures of herself in the mirror wearing Depeche Mode and Siouxsie shirts etc. You know the type. I am as fascinated by her out of control narcissism as I am fascinated in seeing what shirt, record, or hairstyle she is rocking on any given day. So today a picture pops up in my feed and I see Vince, so I thought to myself, “What’s going on here with Mr. Clarke?” Turns out next month will see Vince DJing in Dallas, TX here in the States. That in itself is pretty cool, but then I took a look closer and what is going on in Dallas people?

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First off, they are crediting him as “Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode” and that seems so odd to me. I get it, he was a founding member, but he left the band in 1981… hardly worthy of saying he’s “of DM”. This made me laugh a little more… they credit VCMG as “VCMD” for some reason too. Here’s the exact quote, “Vince Clarke was the founding member of Depeche Mode, Yazoo and currently remains the musical force behind Erasure and VCMD.” That’s just funny. Also, do that not know, remember, or realize that Yazoo were just simply known as Yaz here in the States? No big deal really, but it just adds to the confusion over the promotion of this event for me. And who on Earth approved this flyer? Besides the obvious mistakes, was it folded in fours and then scanned? The designer couldn’t have done that on purpose right? Right? Is this making you graphic designers out there cringe? Vince or his booking agent surly had flyer approval right? Maybe not. Oh, and of course the flyer says it’s in January of 2012. Come on guys, really? Wow..

In a way, I suppose it’s a compliment to Depeche that the promoter/venue are trying to sell him like he’s still from the band, but it’s such an obnoxious stretch. I don’t mean to goof on them, maybe a little, but if you bring Vince to your venue for a gig, surly you can give him a little more respect then this. Yeah, fine, mention his brief role with Depeche, but please don’t make this many mistakes and call his current project, with a existing member of Depeche, by the wrong name. It makes the event look bad and insults us all, especially the fine folks in Dallas ready to pay up to come see Vince. It’s cool you’re bringing him out, but good God have some quality control.

I guess if I goof on them, I should give the event a plug at least. The gig is Friday, January 18th at the Lizard Lounge. For more info and buy tickets, please click here. If you’re in Dallas, go say hi to Vince as they are doing a meet and greet as well.



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    Thats the bloke from The Assembly, loved their 'Stop Start'. hope he plays that, and 'Green You Are In A Forest' too!!