Exciting announcement?

Depeche Mode have now confirmed that they will be holding a press conference in Paris on October 23rd at 1:30pm. Now that the much discussed Paris Press Conference has officially been confirmed by the band and the Devotees are buzzing about the digital countdown clock etc…. they have gone on to entice us even more, the band will be making a special “Exciting” announcement at the press conference. If you thought the Black Swarm was buzzing already, let’s prepare ourselves for what could be some monumental speculation! New logo, new press shot, new studio pictures, press conference.. who’s not excited? Also, the Press Conference will be broadcast online and we’ll post up the links when we have all the details. I’m assuming it will be on the band’s official site, but no confirmation of that at this time.

Keeps me regular, and, I think, makes me sleep a little better as well. ! You can buy branded and generic medicines.


  • Alex


    Is Martin going for the Kim Jong Il look? :)

    • Clint


      Now that is funny! HAHA!

  • Rob


    Is it me or there are many pictures of Mister Wilder ?!! Good sign !! Very good sign !!!!

  • PK


    It doesn't matter what you put Fletch in, it always looks like he's wearing a sleeping bag! :o) Roll on Oct 23rd- SoTU seems like ages ago eh?

  • Michel J


    They're obviously becoming French nationals. Either that or... (refraining reaaaaally hard from writing it - and failing) : Alan's back.

  • j-84


    it doesn't matter what you put on always looks good..and dave looks amazing. :) i don't think Alan is coming back..i thinks they just announce their next tour..nothing else.

  • DenM


    Something is up...For the band to say they have a Exciting Announcement? It's got to involve Alan somehow. Everyone saw how crazy it was to see Alan at the Royal Albert Hall. For them to advertise this announcement so far away from the album release it's got too be some pretty awesome news :)

  • devoted


    i'm sure that the "exiting" announcement is just the next tour. even though Depeche is my ultimate favorite band, they have become quite predictable over the last 6 years. at least in picking the producer for the last two albums and the music on SOTU was quite lame and had a lack of innovations. :/ i wish from the bottom of my heart that i'm wrong this time. :)

  • Izaak


    Alan will never rejoin Depeche Mode aside from casual one offs. They probably have a date for the release of the first single and/or maybe a name for the album. Or, as someone has already astutely pointed out, perhaps Martin is defecting to North Korea as his satorical taste would indicate. Perhaps the next album will be called The Never Ending War in honor of the battles in Korea sixty odd years ago.

  • BagoPuto


    Hold on tight guys... there will be striking news for us DM fans. Number one: This is the last album and last tour. The reason this particular tour will last so long is to provide the world a proper goodbye. Number two: The album is an attempt to mix elements from Violator and SOFAD, visually and musically. Don't forget this is the last one. Number three: There will be re-recordings of Policy Of Truth & Walking in My Shoes IN THIS NEW ALBUM. Number four: Martin Gore works on Counterfeit³ will start after this tour finishes. Number five: There will be a batch of EPs to be done after the band call it quits, in the same way VCMG did to assure constant releases of EPs, Remixes and Best Of for the next 10 years to come.

    • dre7861


      Sorry Dude, but I think you're taking out your butt. #1 - How do you know this is their last tour and that it will go for a long time? You don't and you know you're making it all up. #2 - How do you know the album will mix elements of Violator and SOFAD? Again you don't. Dave did say that this album reminds him of SOFAD in tone but he said nothing about being a mix of the two. #3 - Face it, you're guessing here because there are panels in the countdown page that list WIMS and POT, but there was also one of Home. And where does your 'brilliant' theory go now that the POT panel has been replaced? I can't even begin to imagine why the band would rerecord either song - now they might show up in Remixes 3 but new remixes are different than rerecording. #4 - While I wouldn't mind seeing Counterfeit3, I seriously doubt that it is Martin's immediate plans. He's probably focused on the new album and tour and what comes afterwards will be decided then. #5 - This one has so many guesses that I don't know where to begin. First off, where are all these tracks to make up these EPs for 10 years. DM is remarkedily frugal about having leftover tracks and what few leftover tracks there are the consensus is they should stay that way. Why would Martin dig them out to release them over 10 years - absolutely insane. Second, you act as if VCMG has been releasing EP for years after they broke up, which only goes to show your true ignorance. You might want to couch your wish list in terms that don't sound like you are quoting facts. Otherwise you just sound like a fool.

  • PK


    Bagoputo- where did you get your info from? The re-recordings you speak of seem a backwards step- surely a remix or a reworking would find it's way on to the remixes 3 or something? I appreciate the guys will wrap things up at some point but on the deluxe version of SotU Gahan was asked as was Gore if they could see themselves doing this for much longer and both said that as time passes it seems more likely that they would. We'll have to wait and see. Both Gore and Gahan have had to pay some expensive divorce settlements along the way, they'd want to recoup their losses I'm guessing. Another counterfeit album would be excellent though- Gore's work with Motor was brilliant. So come Bago- what's your source? :o)

  • notPK


    @PK, his source came from a long visit with Mary Jane.

  • AWW


    That is all true, almost, even to Counterfeit³, it is sounding like The Knife with tons of vocal treatments...

  • BagoPuto


    Come on guys, I was just joking. It's so funny playing aroudn with DM fans. Wait, I'm a fan too. The only thing I know is the name of the album and tour.

  • Kimpreza


    1:30 Paris time?Iwas thinking of having a gathering to hear the news but way too early for us.