Recoil 'Inheritance' Official video

The official video for Recoil’s cover of Talk Talk’s “Inheritance” for the ‘Spirit of Talk Talk’ tribute album is out! Recoil’s take on “‘Inheritance’” features Linton Kwesi Johnson and Paul Marshall on vocals and the song was originally released on Talk Talk’s classic “Spirit Of Eden” record. The video was shot in Moscow and directed & edited by Recoil collaborator Dmitry Semenov.  Alan Wilder describes the video,I just sent the track to Dmitry, offering up a few of my own thoughts, but basically giving him a free reign to interpret the music and words in any way he saw fit. He sent me his rough ideas and work-in-progress, and I gave some feedback about the images I thought worked best. We tried to create two very different atmospheres to compliment the dark oppressive feel of the verses contrasted against the more epic, expansive chorus – hence the switch from claustrophobic interiors into open space and white snow as the film comes to its conclusion.” An interesting interpretation, be sure to check it out!

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If you’re not familiar with the original, here it is for you to check out.


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  • PK


    I loved the cover- an excellent re-work. The contrast between the chorus and verses worked really well- visually and musically. The verses in particular had a feel of an asylum, it was like watching a soundtrack to a graphic novel- excellent work!