DM on Q's "Real Best Of" for Sept

Depeche Mode are featured in the September issue of Q Magazine’s “Real Best Of” section. Each month Q asks their experts to choose a band and then they make a Best Of collection of some of their favorite tracks. The cool thing about these lists is that they don’t focus on the hits, they are asked to pick ten of the very best tracks from each artist’s catalog that includes album tracks, B-sides and rarities alongside some old classics. The DM collection is called “Strange Love : A 30 year Outsiders’ Affair” and was put together by Joe Muggs. A very interesting collection of tracks too, songs like “Two Minute Warning”, “Sacred”, “Higher Love” and DM’s take on The Stooges “Dirt” are all on there. The full list is available to listen to on Spotify as well.

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Here is the full list:

“Strange Love : A 30 year Outsiders’ Affair”

1. Shout (Rio Mix)
2. Two Minute Warning
3. Fly On The Windscreen (Final)
4. Sacred
5. Personal Jesus (Acoustic)
6. Kaleid
7. Higher Love
8. Dirt
9. Perfect
10. Leave In Silence (Claro Intellecto “The Last Time” Remix)

Thanks to AnfieldMode.


  • Noreen Hetro


    Congratulations to the members of Depeche Mode. Just when I thought I listened to every track, song and version, guess I was wrong. Thanks for sharing.

  • WS


    Thanks to everybody involved on this compilation for don’t focus on the hits, that´s really appreciated. DM offer much more than the obvious tracks.. But very sad not finding 'The Sun & The Rainfall' on here..