Some Dave/Soulsavers galleries to check out

I know, I know… tons of photos are circling the internet of the Soulsavers gig with Dave and why am I even bothering? Well, these are two galleries that were shared through the official Dave Gahan Facbook page and I thought I would share them here as well. So much excitement over the show, it’s fun to see Dave doing his thing as we wait patiently for more info on the new DM record and tour. The two galleries are from Under The Radar and Brooklyn Vegan and both have excellent photos documenting the event. Be sure to check both out. To view the Brooklyn Vegan photos that were shot by my friend Debi, click here. And then to check the photos from Under The Radar, simply click here. I’m looking forward to seeing the full performance video when it surfaces, I hope some news comes up soon on that.