Dave & Rich at Amoeba Hollywood

Breaking News… This just in, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet are having a battle of the bands tonight at the abandon Members Only wherehouse that is being judged by both King and Nik Kershaw! No, not really, but Soulsavers might be. I really just wanted to share a great photo of Dave and Rich (of Soulsavers) that was posted on Dave’s official Facebook yesterday. A lot of you have seen it, but might not be familiar with it, so I thought I would share some basic info on it.



Amoeba is an amazing independent music store with locations in Hollywood, San Francisco, and Berkeley California and they are essential stops if you come to California. They do a feature on their website that is called, “What’s In My Bag”. It’s simple really, they film a person of interest on what they purchased that day. It could be vinyl, DVDs, CDS, whatever and they interview them on what they picked up. It’s actually really fascinating and I can’t wait to see their video! We’ll of course post it up as soon as they do. To check out some previous ones, go directly to the videos by clicking right here!