Kessler address Tour Rumors

Fan sites were one thing back in the day, but dealing with social networking rumor explosions must be a nightmare for Depeche Mode’s management or any bands management for that matter. Well it seems the speculation has hit a point that the bands manager, Jonathan Kessler, has released a statement regarding the much rumored 2013 tour dates.  While he is confirming that the band will be hitting the road next year, he’s not confirming anything else at this time. Regardless of what you know, think you know, who you know, or what you believe… this is what the band is saying.


“As you may have seen over the last week, a few Depeche Mode-related websites, message boards and news sites have posted alleged tour dates for 2013. While the band will indeed be touring next year, we have not confirmed any show dates yet and tickets will not be on sale until late fall. Be assured, we will make a timely official announcement on and the band’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts as soon as dates are confirmed, and at that time will give full details on when tickets will be made available.

Stay tuned for more updates from the studio and exciting news over the next few months.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

-Jonathan Kessler
Manager, Depeche Mode”

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  • sherry gahan


    I could not see any sites that had tour dates, there is only this site and the dmmb. So which sites are they talking about?