A live Soulsavers gig with Dave?

We don’t normally report on rumors, but social networking sites and the fan websites are all a buzz about a possible Soulsavers live gig with Dave Gahan. There is so much fan speculation on it, we thought we might address it and  mention what is going on out there.  Fueled by a now deleted Tweet from Martyn LeNoble saying he was looking forward to playing a “secret gig” with both Soulsavers and Dave, sites like, Facebook, and Twitter all went on to report and discuss the show. The rumored details are that it’s an invite only show to take place Saturday, July 21st somewhere in Hollywood. The only thing we can confirm at this point is that it is a rumor and fans are excited and discussing it. Other then that, you’re guess is as good as ours. If we get any information on it, either way, we’ll post it up.

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  • John


    To be honest it will good for him to perform live with soulsavers, to hopefully get him in good shape, for the depeche tour hopefully next year.