Casting Call for new DM video?

If you’re a  woman between the ages of 18 and 28 and can pass for a model or a mannequin.. you’re in luck, you fit all the criteria to appear in what is being billed as the next Depeche Mode video by a Paris casting agent! It seems the filming will take place over two days in the catacombs of Paris, as well as a few other places, during the first week of August. For all the details and to contact the firm doing the casting call, please click here!

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  • Schultz Judith


    Hello, I am very interested in to be a part of a new Depeche Mode video. My name is Judith, I am 28 years old and live in Germany. In my whole of life I love music, play some instruments and a kind of a good actor. In 2009 I was a model for a German Company, I like to dance and like to dance a lot. The music of Depeche Mode is a special kind of music, I love it and the sound is very emotional. That is my life and my person ;-) Please contact me if you want a pretty, intelligent and funny young lady! Thanks and best regards Judith