Dave Gahan signs Soulsavers Artwork are giving away an exclusive 12×12″ album artwork print of the forthcoming Soulsavers record if you pre-order it from them. In a very cool exclusive, the first 100 of these prints will be signed by both Rich Machin and Dave Gahan. So be sure to head over there and pre-order your copy now! Check it all out by clicking here!


  • Linda


    This was already known since the 23rd of March, strange that you post this as news a month later...

  • Glen


    Posted up since it was sent out through their email on that day. Nothing more...

  • Nick


    Linda said "strange"..

  • George


    Linda... girlfriend, chillax, DM may be as close to Heaven as we'll get here on Earth but there's other things shakin' in the world that sadly consumes we mere mortals time. Besides another Depeche album (and tour) is in the works, praise be to God and super-mondo props to Martin, Dave and Fletch! xxx