Ben Hillier to return?

It seems Ben Hillier might just be returning to produce Depeche again. Hot Press is running an article about Ben Hillier and at the end of the article it says, “Ben is about to head to the USA to embark on his third album with Depeche Mode in 2012, which will see him again work closely with Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andrew Fletcher.” While we can’t confirm this now, we do know that Danton Supple from the 140DB camp mixed the forthcoming Soulsavers project that features Dave Gahan on lead vocals and that just helps fuel speculation on Ben’s return.  More info soon! To read the Hotpress article, click here!


  • Supe


    Nooooooooooooooo, not him again.

  • David65


    If this is the case, I just hope it will be a better album than SOTU! Looking forward to the Soulsavers album. The last two have been fantastic.

  • memoryboy


    I would be fine with Ben Hillier Producing another album with Depeche Mode. It seems he gets on well with the band, and I have been very happy with the past two albums: "Playing The Angel" and "Sounds Of The Universe".

  • Alex


    To me this is rather dissapointing. I still hope someone capable of creating a deeper and softer sound, akin to their older albums produced by mister W, will come to work with the depeches. Oh well, dream on.

  • Daniel HDR


    I agree with @Alex. Why DM don´t call mr. Alan Wilder to work as a producer in a new DM album! Well,it was cool if they called something form the 80´s past works, like David Bascombe or Gareth Jones!

  • Another Alex


    Very disappointing news. I agree with comments by the other Alex



    Ben Hillier to return? Oh, no, no, noooo!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!?????????? (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Matt


    Disappointed with this if it's true, really should get Alan and Flood\Jagz Kooner to produce, would love to see Hybrid on mixing\re-mixing duties.

  • Chris


    Oh well, at least now I can curb my enthusiasm. With Ben back I doubt the 'going through the motions' feel of the last two albums will get kicked into touch :o( On the upside I expect we'll at least have 2 good songs out of it, which is better than nothing. Would have liked to have seen a more daring choice akin to Bryan Black. Mind you if they'd have announced the return of Alan Wilder I'd have probably wet my pants - so all in all a disappointing but dry day!

  • ryan


    No not again once was fine twice was pushing it , three time would be a crime come on change it up !

  • Johan


    I'm not disappointed. Yet. But I do think that, if the band themselves were searching for new directions when they contracted Hillier for PTA, Hillier has to challenge himself as he did for that first collaboration. To just deliver the next step of PTA and SOTU production style would disappoint me a bit - "my" Depeche Mode should constantly be looking for new pastures, staying true to the core of Martin's song writing and (of course) synth/electronic legacy. At the end of the day, though, I'm just happy there will be another album!:)

  • Ilnur


    I`m very dissapointed by this news. Hiller Mode again.... No atmosophere, no soul, just screaming, bleeps, clicks and distorted guittars.

  • AnDy MoDe


    I dont have a problem with Hillier,but I do here alarms ringing when they mention that they like the fact he works quickly,speed just does not represent quality to me.I think a bigger problem could be having to let Dave have a certain amount of his tracks on the album,I thought Hole to feed was daves best song yet and brilliant live,but miles away was f**kin dire,you could see people moaning when they performed it live.As a song it was all over the place,didnt fit on the album and the other tracks they could have performed live in its place dont bare thinking about.The next tour would be nice to here some songs purely electronic,certain songs suit live drumming(in your room,i feel you,hole to feed)but the use of live drums on certain mode tracks makes them loose all of there power(behind the wheel,never let me down)but the killer example is world in my eyes the wold violation tour version was awesome but the devotional version is mode at there absolute peak,some really hard electronic beats would go down an absolute storm.I truly feel that mode could blow u2+muse out of the water if they performed a heavely revised set list in a more electronic less rock style.

  • ivan


    Yes, a bit of hhmmmm, even though I really enjoyed their last two albums, especially SOTU. The thing is, I think they need someone who will add more groove and rhythm to Martin's songs. Bomb the Bass did an excellent job. Alan Moulder - why not? Alan Wilder would be phenomenal, but oh well...

  • RazMan


    Get Alan back. DM has been a three legged horse for the last 4 albums. There's been a huge void left since he left which has never been filled. The Royal Albert show was amazing, there was such a huge lift when he came on stage. He still has much to offer and will re-energise the next record. Alan and Ben Hillier could be interesting, they're both classically trained musicians. One can only hope. Life's too short, sort it out lads.

  • provato


    a d rather enjoy the silence than another hillier produced album. Let's hope that Martin will be more and heavier involved as rumors say... keeping fingers crossed