New Depeche Mode album in "early 2013"

According to an interview in German music magazine, Sonic Seducer, a rough time table has already been set for the next Depeche Mode album. Martin Gore is quoted as saying the new album will be out “no later than early 2013”. As far as we’re aware this is the first time Martin’s mentioned a due date for the future Mode project. The schedule is in sync with earlier statements from Andrew Fletcher, who’s previously said the band was due in the studio in March 2012, and would release an album a year after that.


  • PK


    Can I suggest one of two approaches: 1) Gore & Gahan collaborate for the entire project, or 2) Gahan saves his work for his next solo album (Hourglass was awesome). The shoe-horning of the last two albums doesn't work. 'Oh Well' was the first Gore/ Gahan effort- more of the same please! :-)

  • Edgartronic


    Here's another approach - get Alan Wilder to at least produce the next record.

  • Jeff G


    It doesn't matter who writes as long as they keep making albums. Would like to see some Alan and Vince collaborations on this album though. I am enjoying VCMG.

  • arman andres


    Great!!!! god bless them. Hope to see the band in chicago...saw then in lolapalloza 2009 the concert was to short. so i went in my bd 12/16 to London O2 arena to see the band perform. The best bd and christmas present ever.#1 fan. Love always...

  • Xneo19


    Both last two albums were very good and Playing the Angel ranks amongst their best albums ever in my opinion. So whatever road they choose, its up to them, and it will be fantastic!!!



    Hope the play wembley arena rather than the bloody awful O2. Royal Albert Hall was a unforgettable night,I was right up the front and it really made it my best mode experience yet. I dont think Alan will produce but whoever does they need a more flowing sound,not so experimental.

  • mar_deepmode


    Cool!!! Can't wait! I'm already in countdown!! =D If DM release their album in January 2013 it will be a great and very pleasant B-day gift! Specially if it comes also with a tour ticket! *_* Come on DM! Make my day!!!

  • Michel J


    Agree with PK - Oh well was an interesting premiere and, just like many other tracks on the SOTU bonus disc (Ghost, The Sun / moon / stars...) did feel much stronger than some of the songs that did make it onto the album itself. SOTU was the first one (in 28 years of being a fan) that made me wish someone had stood up to the boys in the studio and shouted "not good enough - that one's a B-side, that one's not finished." Who knows how good things like Hole to feed would have sounded with a proper middle 8 and a more layered production ? Not to mention - given the STELLAR job Alan did with his remix of In Chains, calling him up to produce the project would NOT be a bad idea. Yeah, I know, he's not coming back, move on, blah blah. Still - had to say it.

    • JJ mode fan 79


      man i am stoked about the new album , still rockin the 3 pack remixs which are amazing ! yes alan wilder should do something with it , anyone who has heard his in chains version knows how that song changes you ... thats what real dm songs do they change you at an atomic level or at least thats how i feel .... i am a newer fan but looking at there career its obvious how much alan wilder made an impact on the dynamics of the songs , not just the strong vocals from gahan ... not to say he isnt great cause he is one of the best in history thats why dm rocks too cause they work well together and the mass;s love it .... DM FORVERVER JJ 1979 says !

  • James


    SOTU was a great album, a bit varied, but that the theme of the album. I love In Chains, and Alan did not make it any better by his re-arrangement. Ghost, Peace and Corrupt are also A+

  • Michel J


    Oh, and also agree with Jeff, VCMG is really good - hadn't played any minimal techno in a long while and this got me back into it.

  • Alex


    Fingers crossed Ben Hillier and Mark Bell are unavailable this time around.

  • Alex


    Fingers crossed Ben Hillier and Mark Bell are unavailable this time around.FIFA

  • mario


    Hope DM will think about Croatia again on the next tour. Can`t wait to see what`s gonna happend on the next album. I`d like to hear David`s best vocal performance since Ultra album. After Ultra it went in other dimension.

  • mario


    Combining his vocal from 90`s and the music from this century.. It would be a mirical ;)

  • PK


    Amen to that Alex! I liked it when Daniel Miller was encouraging the guys to feed everything through a valve amp & not just work with him 'cos he's quick! And whatever happened to working with someone who was sympathetic to electronic music- don't get me started! :-)

  • Markus


    Agree with Alex. Would be cool to see Alan and/or Flood back on the production.

  • Solstar


    i really hope they get rid of the producer they had for their latest trwo albums...the sound itsef was atrocious..sounded like if all the instruments were put together near the same microphone..take Ultra for example..wonderufl mixing,basses,loudness..everything was perfect,it really gave you goosebumps for hwo good it was., forward to SOTU or ,urgh,PTA and make a comparison..heck even Exciter sounded much better

  • DavidN65


    If Wilder and Flood are just a hope and dream, how about Tim Simenon? He did a good job with 'Ultra'.

  • andy oakes


    Better quality control.Dont just include songs because dave has wriitten them(miles away).And dont rush it,By watching the sounds of the universe documentry you get the impression that production was rushed. And please dont play the dangerous/to bright/shit staff/O2,Go back to wembley PLEASE.

  • MarcusAurelius


    Indeed Alex...Can someone please give Flood a call?

  • dex


    AGREE 100%. I would love to see FLOOD work with DM again. Not sure Flood would love to though???