Beatbort's "Best Of Depeche Mode"

Beaport has a new feature on their Beatportal page that has some of today’s top producers hand pick their favorite Depeche Mode tracks for a collection of “Best Of Depeche Mode” charts. Beatport describes: “Without Depeche Mode, electronic dance music as we know it would be a very different beast indeed. From their innovations with synthesizers and samplers to their thrilling ability to tease a dark mood out of a pop song—not to mention their progressive approach to commissioning remixes—the iconic new wave group has given “purist” dance music endless inspiration.” Producers like Perc, Black Asteroid, Marc Houle, Terence Fixmer, and more share their picks. To check it out, click here!

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  • G-NO


    I'm a huge DM fan,a have all their albums and much more, but to be quite frankly: I hope Ben is not returning, at least not without Alan Wilder being on board. Alan has contributed to the most deepest and darkest DM sound, and those are really the best DM albums out there. I and many other DM fans are longing for an Alan Wilder produced DM album, or at least an album with deep and dark sounds (eg. Songs of Faith and Devotion). G-NO