Susan Boyle – Enjoy The Silence

Yes, you read that right… Susan Boyle has recorded a cover of DM’s epic “Enjoy The Silence”. On paper, the idea sounds pretty scary to your average Depeche Mode fan. When actually, there has been way worse cover versions of this one. Make your own mind up and give it a listen after the jump.


  • LongLandRiver


    great cover! brilliant!!!

  • Rich Kyd


    Absolute tosh. Cannot believe you even give it space here. Represents everything that is gutless and souless in 21st century pop.

  • Beppenel


    Susan can sing any song she wants and it is fantastic. Here is the proof! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carlos


    this is actually pretty good. while others try to goth it up or make it dramatically annoying, susan's version focuses on the sad, heartfelt side. am i gonna buy it? no... but there have been worse renditions out there LOL

  • Sergey Erlich


    Not so bad as you could imagine.

  • PK


    X Factor (BGT) tosh! It's not Susan Boyle I blame, it's not even Martin Gore for saying yes, it's Simon 'lets make everything commercial' Cowell. Where does he live, what's his number? :o) A few cello's might have helped it along a bit. In the immortal words of Black Adder: It starts ok, peters out towards the middle, and the least said about the ending the better!

  • BagoPuto


    There's nothing wrong with this cover. It's not advisable to bash something like this just because it's a totally different genre from what you are used to listen to.

  • KP


    I'm pleasantly surprised. It does get a bit uneven in the middle, but overall, it's a great cover... vocals fit nicely as does the instrumentation.

  • Babylon303


    Martin Gore never said yes. It would have been Mute who own the rights to the song.

  • Jennie


    Wow, I love Susan's version. She does indeed has a unique voice.

  • Karen


    I don't know who was responsible for this, but Thank You to whoever it was. I love it and since Gore originally intended for this song to be a ballad I bet he's loving it too. It captures the true meaning of the lyrics.

  • Annika4


    This version was unnecessary, and it did me great harm both audibly and mentally. :p

  • Maciej


    not so bad

  • Mr Love


    @Babylon303: Mute doesn't own the rights to the song, Martin/his publishing company does as he is the song writer (as for the rights to DM's recording of the song is a completely different matter). However, anyone can cover any song as long as they don't seriously alter it/change lyrics.

  • Esperanza Halvorsen


    She has so nice voice that everything which she sings is wonderful. Instrumentation is fine too. For me it's sound like an invitation to peace and love.

  • Shlg137


    Susan Boyle? seriously?? I discovered DM and loved their music unconditionally since "music for the masses" but I am frankly down about this. Why did you allow this talentless person (and the Sith Lord who is manipulating her in the background) to cover one of your anthems? her cover is souless and frankly crap....

  • AWA


    This song will be played at my funeral - but it won't be this version!

  • Mr.Dangerous