Sneak Peak of Compact Space’s “Push Push” now!

By now, Christian Eigner and Daryl Bamonte need little introduction to most of you because of their close and continuing work with Depeche Mode. And now, along with vocalist Florian Kraemmer, they are a trio better known as Compact Space! Their first album is called “Nameless” and it will be released on 24th June 2011! You can get a sneak peak of their song “Push Push” on the bands website now!

Compact Space was founded by Christian Eigner, Daryl Bamonte and Florian Kraemmer.

For many years Eigner has played drums for Depeche Mode and has co-written a number of songs with Dave Gahan – for Depeche Mode as well as for Gahan’s last solo album, which he also co-produced.
As a musician Eigner has contributed to hundreds of albums for various artists.

Bamonte began working for Depeche Mode from the start of their career in 1980, taking on a varierty of roles before moving on in 1995 to work for The Cure for several years. The trio is completed by singer Florian Kraemmer.

Kraemmer, like Eigner a native of Vienna, is the son of an actress and an opera singer, and took classical piano training from the age of eight. To date, he has worked mainly as a TV composer and has preserved his passion for classical music.

The trio shares creative equality when they work on their songs. Daryl writes the lyrics, Florian develops the melodies and Christian puts together the powerful music that marks Compact Space with their own unmistakable style as soon as you listen to them.

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  • PK


    Hurts for adults. This looks awesome, I wonder if Mr Corbijn could be persuaded to shoot something for them. It's very filmic and Anton loves that! Can't wait for the album, the teaser works very well.