Fletch: “We’ll be back in the studio in a few months”

Well the headline pretty much says it all. The comment was made to a European newspaper during an interview to promote the just released “Tour Of The Universe: Live In Barcelona” DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Thanks for the tip, Marco!


  • Freeangel


    if you refers to an Italian article, mind that the interview seems a puzzle of old articles... let me know Peter! ;)

  • memoryboy


    I hope they are going to start on another new album!

  • SilentRose


    is it true......?

  • Michel J


    Please with Alan. Please with Alan. Please with Alan. What ? I can't fantasize ?

  • Malc


    ...even if Alan is hired just as Producer, that's suit me perfectly!

  • Clint


    I wish they would bring back Alan, can Peter, and keep Christian on drums!

  • LostInSpace


    OMG, how exciting! I really dont care if Alan joins the group again, with or without Alan, I am ready for another excellent Depeche Mode album. They have been fine without Alan...

  • Exciter


    Hope that Alan will be involved in this project

  • slickmode


    Alan's comin' least as producer

  • Putito


    Yes, this is true. Known sources confirm that there will be a remix album slated for March. You know, EMI cannot afford to take a breath on ocean-money-making bands. Also, this record will have 2 new songs (Martin was playing a guitar in a SOTU session). Other than that, when Fletch said "In A Few Months" he meant that they will be holding the initial meetings at around May 2011. This record will be a special record because it will be called Violator 2. It is projected to be a huge sucess among fan base, because this time the exact same equipment used in Violator will sport the new songs which are about all written by now.

  • DeltaRock


    Doesn't matter a new album, specially if it's going to be as loud as fuck, again. Let them learn how to proper master a CD first.

  • JM


    Oh God! Thank you!

  • Stu


    Link to interview ... no?

  • Morby


    Erm... chaps... do steady on will you, allow Mr Gahan some respite. But please expand the group by at least one new/old band mate... would be the best crimbo pressie ever! H

  • Jeff G.


    Probably back in the studio for a between albums single. Like "Martyr" and "Only When I Lose Myself" for example. Usually 3-4 years between albums. 1990-1993-1997-2002-2005-2009 equals 2012 or 2013. Maybe they are trying to beat December 21, 2012. LOL

  • Jeff G.


    The new single: Alan Wilder producing with remixes by Vince Clarke. Probably not in my lifetime!

  • beppe


  • Alex P.


    To Jeff G: Why 2002? "Exciter"? 2001!

  • sebastian


    In my opinion the band will be joining in the studio to record the next single which be included in the volume II of their "best of" albums.

  • Pat101


    Hum... Exciter was released in 2001,not 2002. But i really feel like Alan is gonna "Come Back" in the DM universe for the next album.Or maybe i'm just dreaming(not of me)veeeeery hard then!

  • Juzza07


    Alan has a show now rescheduled for 2nd April 2011 with Recoil at Manchester Academy which may delay things if he is to "come back"...

  • PK


    Back in the studio to oversee the compiling of the remix album I'm guessing. New album in 2012 with Alan Wilder being welcomed back into the band well before then. "all musical differences have been put aside, you don't know what you've lost til it's gone" kinda quote. Big media frenzy, Mode back in the limelight, Daniel Miller smiling wryly, 'oh, I wonder how that happend!'

  • JRW101


    Martin Gore to provide two new demos to both Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder. VC and AW to create independent versions

  • Jeff W.


    Who knows but I have a hunch Alan will rejoin Depeche Mode for a new album that they will be working on starting sometime after the holidays.

  • Bago Puto


    Hi folks, Yes, next DM album will be a very special album. In fact, it will be an commemorative album. One of the last albums. It will include Alan Wilder and Vince Clarke as guest producers and writers on some tracks. I believed the individuals reached a certain level of maturity that was made this possible and Daniel Miller knew that eventually this day would have happened. However it will be a long project, for 2012. Meantime we delight a remix album with 2 SOTU outtakes. The single to promote: I was one of the few that heard this song in its entirety, looks like Personal Jesus 2.

  • DeltaRock


    This is gonna be another frustrating ole remix album. Boring new mixes for same old songs. I don't see any innovation since Violator era. It's all the same stepping in fried eggs. Hopefully Alan & Vince are asked to do their magic in new Depeche Mode album.

  • Vince


    Like the majority of the postings on here, one can only hope the AW jumps on board. No better time than now. No pressure AW if you do! hahaha... Can you imagine seeing the 4 of them again on stage (5 if VC and his songwriting mastery decides to jump on board). Of course the later is pure fantasy

  • Michael Mac


    Aparently by all accounts it's going to be their last as DM. Dave himself confessed he's not up to the touring as he used to be, and they aren't getting any younger. It will be a sad day, but I do hope they end on a high and Alan alongside Dave, Mart & Fletch were he belongs. Peter Gordeno on the other hand is fantastic and deserves alot more recognition :-)

  • Michel J


    Well - Dave does make it clear in the refreshingly - but brutally - honest interview in the Tour of the Universe DVD that he won't be doing this for too long anymore; so getting back together with Alan and going out with a bang would make a lot of sense. One thing about this band has always been a certain sense of ethics and a respect for what they have created together - extending that to a proper way of saying goodbye would be wonderful.

  • Joshua H


    I for one am a bit curious to see where DM goes in the near future. After Dave’s interview on the TOTU DVD interview, I am wondering if he (and the band) is thinking about maybe not touring again, but still making music. Or will this new material be “their final opus”? Will Alan come along for the ride? That would be awesome, but if he didn’t I am sure what every tunes the “trio” makes will be amazing!!

  • dave


    I'm certainly not excited!DM haven't released anything good since SOFD (Ultra at a push).Without Alan, the music is way under par.And Dave's voice has gotten worse and worse all the time.He sounds terrible on new DVD. I only listen to live stuff up to Devotional tour. I think his voice on that tour was extraordinary. Whether or not the drugs helped give him that deeper tone, it was the best by far. I'm sick of die hard fans who are not objective and love anything DM release.Get real. Bands only ever release one or two great albums. The same goes for U2 et al. They haven't released anything great since Achtung Baby in '91!

  • sam7931


    please Alan if your reading this and if its offered to you come back work with the mode and tour.

  • Ruthi


    THIS IS GREAT. BUT. Now listen up. The Cars, Johnny Hates Jazz have reunited, so they, Ultravox and OMD gonna release some albums in 2011 (OMD already has, it's really true synthpop, like they did back in the 80s) AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME. It's like sort of return back to 80s. Btw Latest Duran Duran's album sounded like back-to-roots one and it was great. What I wanna say by that? DM's next studio album has to be more true synthpop, new wave and synthrock like they did back in the 80s and 90s, we all know that they will sound really great if they do that. Also, Alan as a bandmember or at least as one of the producers really needed, that would make the album sound evn greater. I wish DM could hear me and thing about this true synthpop/synthrock/new wave thing...

  • The Truth


    I think they will be back in the studios soon to complete what will be their final studio album and world tour.

  • space cat


    news flash! Alan left the band. He's not coming back, so let's get over it. What a real miracle would be: Seeing a new album rumour without people begging for alan to come back. 15 years.... and Depeche Mode are going strong.

  • Gabi


    Martyr was a single in between albums, but it was not recorded in between, Martyr was an outtake of Playing The Angel. I don't think they're going to work on a new album now. Maybe next year, but now...