Alan Wilder brings his Recoil Selected Tour back to Europe for the tour finale!

Recoil has just completed the most exotic leg yet of the ‘Selected’ tour with some outstanding events across North & South America, including many sold out shows and some real highlights – Martin Gore joining to DJ in Santa Ana, an amazing double bill with Gary Numan in Chicago, Daniel Myer surprising everyone each night with his unique Architect mash-ups, Dave Gahan and Nicole Blackman showing up in New York, Joe Richardson entertaining & educating in Dallas, and Alessandro Cortini mesmerising in Los Angeles. This was all followed by some astonishing crowd reactions as the tour continued its way through Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia (where Massive Attack attended) and finished up in Ecuador.

Watch Alan Wilder’s latest video update which captures plenty of the South American fiesta atmosphere:

Now, Wilder & Paul Kendall are bringing their updated version of ‘A Strange Hour’ back to Europe for a final end-of-year series of celebrations before the Recoil live experience takes a well-earned break for Christmas. As usual, Alan will also be available for meet & greet signing sessions after the performances at each event.

Euro2 kicks off in Berlin at Postbahnhof on Friday 26th November and in Dresden at Zeitenstroemung on Saturday 27th November, with more special guests planned, including Gary Numan & Ade Fenton, Architect, Sono & Northern Kind.

Says Alan: “We started the ‘Selected’ tour proper in Berlin back in March at Hansa studios where Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones appeared as special guests. That was such a pleasure and we met so many appreciative fans that evening. Unfortunately for some, the show sold out very fast and many people missed out which is why I decided to come back and play these extra dates.”

The tour revisits Poland in response to the great evening back in Lodz back in April. This time, ‘A Strange Hour’ will be presented in Warsaw at Progresja on 29th November followed, for the first time ever, with a performance in Bratislava at Majestic Music Club on 3rd December.

According to Wilder: “The presentation has been updated since the last time we played in Europe. We added some new films and mashed up Recoil/DM versions for the US and South American leg which have gone down really well. Daniel Myer has also been slipping in some glitched up, Myer-style DM and Nitzer Ebb beats into his live set. You never quite know what he is going to come up with each night!”

One of the most memorable moments of the entire ‘Selected’ tour came about, strangely enough, though adversity. Who can forget ‘Eyjafjallajökull’ and the major headaches and logistical nightmares it caused? Back in April, the Icelandic mountain awoke, spewing its contents into the stratosphere and reaping havoc on the very same day Recoil was due to fly from Gatwick to Budapest. After an eternal struggle via airports, train stations, traffic jams, manic ‘phone calls and confusion all round, 12 hours after leaving home Alan and his team found themselves back on their own doorstep having got precisely zero kilometers towards the Hungarian capital. The last resort and only option was to drive (in Alan’s own car) through the Channel Tunnel and no less than 7 countries from West Sussex to The Diesel Club, Budapest – a journey of some 21 hours non-stop.

“Word got around (while others were canceling shows left right and centre) that, against all the odds, we were on our way – and when we arrived with about 1 hour to spare, what greeted us was one of the most vociferous and appreciative crowds on the whole tour. To cut a long story short, we wanted to come back, not least to finally see a little of this beautiful city, but most of all to play once again to the warm Hungarian public.”

So, as a final event on the tour (and hopefully a rocking end of tour party), Recoil will be performing in Budapest at Szikra on Saturday 4th December.


Here is the full list of Recoil dates for this Euro2 leg:

26/11 Berlin : Postbahnhof

27/11 Dresden : Zeitenstroemung

29/11 Warsaw : Progresja

03/12 Bratislava : Majestic Music Club

04/12 Budapest : Szikra

For further information about all the guests, venues & ticket links for the tour, go to:

Go here to download a video teaser for the tour:


Recoil Selected, a brand new selection of classic Recoil tracks was released in 2010.

Alan Wilder also recently announced the release of Want, available now as a special free download package from Three new versions of Want (featuring Nicole Blackman) have been expertly put together by Architect, the creation of German mastermind Daniel Myer.

Wilder explains: “Having embarked on a series of live events earlier this year, I found myself re-visiting and re-working many of my favourite pieces. With this in mind, I also kept my ears open for interesting people to contribute to this process and quite early into the tour was introduced to Daniel and his array of projects. I spent many an hour in various hotel gyms, headphones connected, being strangely hypnotised by his work – in particular from Architect’s recent album ‘Consume Adapt Create’.”

Included in the Want package is a new film to accompany the main mix. Directed by Dmitry Semenov, the films use time-lapse photography and features Daria Kuznetsova & Sergey Kochetkov. The package also includes a downloadable photographic book, shot during Recoil’s European tour between April & May 2010 by Ivana Dvorska, plus an additional bonus mix of Jezebel by Ehron VonAllen.

The free Recoil iPhone app, also available now, allows you to follow Alan’s activities and the fan’s thoughts & musings whilst Recoil is on the road or in the studio. As well as providing a hub for Recoil’s social networking, there is also access to photos, videos, audio and Alan’s concepts behind each of his albums. / / / /