Competition: Lay your hands on a mega rare Recoil test pressing!

HOME are proud to announce a really exciting competition, where someone will make off with what is arguably one of the most exclusive prizes in the history of Recoil: Recoil “Selected” quadruple LP test pressings… SIGNED by Alan Wilder! Mute informs us that they were extremely limited and we got our hands on a few, and will be giving away a set to three lucky, hard working, dedicated Recoil fans.

But instead of just having to answer some quiz question, and get lucky when we pick the name out of a hat, we want to make sure these babies end up in the hands of dedicated fans!

So here’s your mission:

To be considered for one of these three signed Recoil “Selected” quadruple LP test pressings, you have to showcase your dedication, and help spread the word about Recoil Selected. The sky is the limit – you can do whatever you want… the one and only rule: you gotta document it.

– If you want to start a renegade poster campaign, then take photos, and email them to us.

– If you want to start a Facebook campaign, pushing the brand new FREE single, then take screen shots, and email them to us.

– If you want to knit Recoil sweaters for all your family and force them to wear them to work/school/whatever, then PLEASE send us those photos too!

The game is wide open. Go forth and spread the word!

You have ONE MONTH to get your submissions into us. We’ll pick the best of the bunch for inclusion on the site, and the winners will be sent the goods in time for Christmas.

Send your submissions to:


(Photos of the stunning prize coming in a few…)


  • Conkan


    Fantastic competition! How about lettting my dog wear a Recoil outfit when walking the streets? :)

  • Clint


    How about we show our ticket stubs through the years of going to Depeche Mode, and Recoil concerts?

  • .D|


    A question? is it a worldwide contest?