Mart & Vince to make a “dancey record”

In an interview with The Quietus, Vince Clarke has shared a little more insight on his collaboration with Martin Gore. Turns out they are working on more then just a track together and there might be, if it all works out, a full album or “dancey record” as Vince described it. Read on to see details!

From The Quietus:

In an interview with The Quietus today, Erasure’s Vince Clarke confirmed that he was currently working on a new dance record with Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore.

Clarke left Depeche Mode in 1981, but revealed on Twitter earlier this year that he and Gore would be collaborating on a new project together.

And today, he told us: “I am collaborating with Martin Gore on a kind of dancey record.”

“I emailed him and asked if he wanted to make a dance record. It’s going to be a long, long process. I’m emailing him my ideas and he’s emailing me ideas back and so we’re just compiling stuff that way, but it’s moving along so I’m quite excited about that.”

When asked whether he’d spoken to Gore before discussing working together again, he replied: “No, we’d spoken about twice. I don’t know [why I asked]; I think I’d had a few beers and I just did it. I thought, ‘He can only say no’, but he came back with a positive response and I thought ‘Excellent’.”

As of yet, however, there’s no firm date for when the project will be finish, with Clarke saying he “had no idea” when fans would be able to hear the material.

To read on The Quietus, click here!


  • Clint


    Here again, if it hadn't been for this site, we would have never known. is a worthless website; this updates regularly, and always has "real" news to offer. Keep up the good work!

  • memoryboy


    Being a fan of Martin and Vince, I am excited about this. I loved 'Speak & Spell, I love Yaz, I love Erasure and of course I love Depeche Mode. It's about time something like this happened. I think Depeche Mode should go more in this direction as well.

  • Jeff G.


    1)Future Vince & Mart collaboration, 2)Alan and DM (Albert Hall) collaboration, 3)Alan and Mart DJing together, 4)Nitzer Ebb at the end of the SOTU tour...... DM fans rejoice! See what a little maturity and compromise between old friends will result in? Hope this is only the beginning!

  • mohammad


    i think it was a mistake that vince clark left the group that he created in 1981

  • SilentRose


    very..VERY excited!!!!

  • Mute013


    Totally agree with Jeff G.

  • Pat101


    I think the epitome of these collaborations will be Alan coming back with Depeche for the next album!

  • Pablo


    Yes! Totally agree with Jeff G. But i hope Alan get involved in more than just one song and change again de Depeche Mode's sound, because for the last album they don't really work hard, in't?