Director of Depeche Mode’s forthcoming concert film revealed *UPDATED*

Depeche Mode’s recent tour was committed to the digital equivalent of celluloid back in November of last year, when the band visited Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi for two shows. The filming was directed by Russell Thomas, who has helmed shoots for a wide range of big names in music – from U2, Coldplay, Muse to Kylie Minogue, Beyonce and the likes. Russell is well known for making whatever is in front of his lenses look gorgeous, so we’re in for a visual treat. Check out his showreel (no Depeche included) after the jump.

Russell Thomas Showreel from Russell Thomas on Vimeo.

Additionally, we can reveal that the director of photography was Simon Hawken, and the production company behind the film was JA Digital.



  • memoryboy


    i was waiting for some new news!

  • Strangelove


    That showreel looks fabulous. I'm excited now!! Still no news on a release date? Anton did a great job on Devotional and 101, but the Milan DVD wasn't great. This looks like it may turn out to be bright, luminous, arty and glossy which will make a nice alternative to Antons dark, arty, moody and iconic films which we all love.

  • gus


    When will Depeche modes concert movie be out to see???

  • kennet


    Still no news on a release date?