Basic charms the Home crew, does “Wrong”

Basic – Wrong/Twisted Heart on

During the recent DM tour I became acquainted with a lot of people connected to Depeche Mode in some way, old friends, old collaborators, new friends, crew members, and 2 guys that stood out were Louis and Dean, they attended quite a few shows, and our paths seemed to cross quite a lot to be honest, standing at the side of the stage, walking down corridors looking for “catering” , and hanging out in “Aftershow Parties”

I got back and spotted them on a mutual acquaintances Facebook page – and thought I would do the customary “add” and send a quick hello, upon browsing their profile I noticed they were actually a in a band called “Basic” – and they were based in good old “Basildon” – funnily enough that is not their only connection to Depeche Mode – their uncle is none other than Martin Gore.

I think their music is great and worthy of a listen, they have a few gigs in the future (May 2010) , and all their information can be found on their Myspace Page.

Give them a listen, pop to Basildon and give them a cheer at one of their upcoming gigs if you can.


Basic are an electro alternative duo from Basildon, Essex, England. The Band was founded by cousins Louis Hyde (lead vocals) and Dean Oldfield (Chief Songwriter, Keyboards) in 2005 due to their joint passion for music. Their music is influenced by bands such as; Depeche Mode, New Order, Joy Division & Kraftwerk.

Louis Hyde is currently in his last year of secondary education studying GCSE level Music at Woodlands school (a specialist school for the arts) in Basildon. Louis is looking to go on to further education at South East Essex College, studying BTEC music.

Dean Oldfield also studied at Woodlands School and completed a GCSE level music course, then went on to study Information Computer Technology at Basildon College, which helped in the knowledge of computing for mainly music/studio usage

Since 2005 Dean and Louis have written many songs and have played many local gigs including “Chinnerys” in Southend-on-Sea and they also put on their own show at Towngate Theatre (Basildon) in 2008.

Basic have high expectations for their goals and what they would like to achieve musically.

’ The Idea of a one hit wonder doesn’t appeal, Basic are after International Success ‘


Words: Pete


  • RLP


    I don't really like... The voice needs to be more powerful. The singer tries to imitate dave's moves, but it's wrong...

  • Veni


    Cute boys!! I wish them luck with the international success. I see they have learned all Dave's moves in Wrong quite well :))))

  • Mindoza


    It looks like they are more comfortable (and therefore more appealing) with their own material. Replicating Dave's moves looks clumsy and naive - a lot like little kids prancing around in mummy's shoes :)

  • Don


    Mindoza, I think you forget how Depeche Mode started out: a bit clumsy and naive. Look at them now. I think these kids are great. Good luck, boys!

  • yeroha


    Cool boys) I rest upon them the big hopes!